Lotus Notes - "556 Cannot accept message from this email address"

For workflow purpose all incoming emails are cc/forwarded to a external vendor email e.g.
Emails to confirm@domain.com is cc'd to service@vendor.com.

Whenthe vendor tries to reply to the email and cc confirm@domain.com, they get a bounce mail to service@vendor.com - error message below

"556 Cannot accept message from this email address"

We are using Postfix, the vendor is using Lotus Notes. Anyone has experience this error msg before with lotus notes?

many thanks
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure how this is causing a problem.

Does it only happen if they cc,  confirm@domain.com ?

Since they are sending out, why are they getting a message about
556 Cannot accept message from this email address ?

I would double check the header info, and do some more testing.

What could be happening is that it seems to Domino that it is receiving an email from the outside that is from itself, and it is rejecting it as SPAM.

You may need to tweak the to/ From fields to get around this. or use an agent rather than a straight forwarder.

I hope this helps !
artradisAuthor Commented:
Does any Lotus Notes expert know if Lotus Notes will block incoming emails if it detects the incoming emails is identical to the send email and the sender is not on the To or CC?

i.e. sender1@domain.com sends to user@vendor.com (which automatically cc to sender1@domain.com)

user@vendor.com is a auto forwarding email address.

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