Exmerge Error: 0x8004011d - Verified IS is running and user is delegated Exchange Full Admin w/mailbox

We have 2 Exchange server, 1 is an older one that we are trying to migrate to the second.

I am trying to run Exmerge on the 2nd new Exchange server to migrate a user off (PST).

When I run I get the following error:
[09:35:43] Error opening message store (MSEMS). Verify that the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is running and that you have the correct permissions to log on. (0x8004011d)

I have verified that the IStore services are running, the account I am using has delegated rights to Exchange Full Admin and has a mailbox (not on the new server though...).

One thing I did notice in AD on the new Exchange server, was that when I goto Exchange Advanced of the user's properties, then Mailbox Rights, the "Full Mailbox Access" tab has both the Allow and Deny checked and greyed out?!
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robrandonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem is with the Deny setting.  You need to remove it.


Make sure the account is not disabled and not hidden from the global address list.
RTM2007Author Commented:
The account I am using (MailAdmin) and the account I am trying to ExMerge Out (Andrea.Ba...) are both NOT hidden from the GAL and both NOT disabled.
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is the MailAdmin account having "Send As" rights?"
you can find that from the security tab
RTM2007Author Commented:
Send As on the new Exchange server is checked for both Allow and Deny (greyed out)
rakeshmiglaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the deny should not be there.
it needs to removed.
check http://support.microsoft.com/kb/823143 and http://support.microsoft.com/kb/292509
RTM2007Author Commented:
Yep thanks that was it however, I did not want to remove the inherited permissions so what I did was:

From the top level, select Delegate Control and remove the account that was listed as a Exchange Full Admin (MailAdmin).

Goto the server we were dealing with, properties -. security add and manually add the send as permission to allow.
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