I have a IP router of 172.16.X.1/22 that cannot ping router 10.51.X.1. I however can log onto the 10.51X.1 router and ping 172.16.x.1. So I figure a route needs to be added to the 172 router. I logged onto the 172 router and added static ip route 10.51.x.0 10.51.x.1 This did not work. Any other ideas why I can ping one way but notthe other?
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chadfranConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Resolved it. I was getting my next hop wrong. Found the next router that it needed.
What kind of routers are these?  A good practice with multiple routers is to create a management VLAN (subnet) for just the routers.  You then make one interface on each router a member of the vlan.  

Without knowing more it sounds like one of the routers has a default route that know about the other router.  And the other router either has no default router defined, or one that doesn't know about the first router.   Since they are on different subnets, they will look to their default router to learn how to access the other.
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