Cannot route outgoing or incoming email

I  am in the middle of a transition from Exchange 20007 to Exchange 2007.
I have moved across a couple of mailboxes to test on 2007 server
Currently there are 2000 messages in my message queues and I cannot receive incoming or outgoing email
The error in the event log is:

Event ID 1009
The microsoft exchange mail submission service is currently unable to cintact any hub transport servers in the local active directory site.  The servers may be too busy to accept new connections at this time
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DynaxSupportConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Problem was a corrupted install of the hub transport role - although the service was running.  Had to speak to Microsoft in the end, it took them 4 and a half hours to fix, because it was corrupted I could not uninstall the role.  Had to hack registry and all permissions to the service.  It was ugly all working ok now.
Have you got the Edge Transport server role installed on either your Hub transport server or a stand alone server. Without this role installed you cannot route email from your domain to the internet and vice versa.
Please see the below webpage.

Hope this helps.
DynaxSupportAuthor Commented:
Hello Karl, thanks for your advice - there is no Edge Transport Server role installed as it is a single 2007 server:

The Edge Transport server role cannot coexist on the same computer with any other server role. (See Figures 1, 2, and 3.)

I have configured one before without this on.



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you must have a HT server per AD site..
we would like to know more about your design so can better understand the issue
DynaxSupportAuthor Commented:
Ok, the design is pretty simple.  One Server, running Exchange 2007 in a defautl set up - HT, CA, Mailbox roles installed.  Everything is on one subnet, DNS is all fine, AD is all fine.
This machine is currently a DC and holds the schems master roles - I know this is not recommended however the company only has a couple of servers.
There is only one site.  However I am trying to transition from Exchange 2000 so all the mail is running through the 2000 box at the moment - I have the connector in and can see the mailboxes I have not moved them as of yet.  I do have a test mailbox account set up on the new 2007 Exchange server.

Just to confirm the mail error message I am getting is:

Event ID 1009

The Microsogt Exchange Mail Submission Service is currently unable to contact any hub Transport servers in the local Active Directory Site.  The Serversmay be too busy to accept new connections at this time.

There are currently no email queues backing up - there were last night, however when I go into OWA and try and send email from teh account set up on 2007 it goes into the drafts folder and is not sent.

I also have an internet send connector set up on the 2007 server

Email for the normal users connecting to the 2000 Exchange server is sending fine with no problems.
Many thanks,

run the ExBPA and check it reports...
ExBPA and ExTRA and are now inbuilt into E2k7 - toolbox
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