Construct a SELECT query

How do I construct a SELECT query with a WHERE CLAUSE?
For example:
I want to find all records with columnname that has an apple word in it.
I know this query is wrong.
SELECT * FROM TABLE1 WHERE COLUMNNAME is in ('APPLE TART', 'apple', 'apple pie', 'Candy Apple');

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bolt81Connect With a Mentor Commented:
SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE UPPER(columnname) LIKE ('%APPLE%')

the upper makes everything upper case so it will find apple and APPLE the % are wild cards so it will find apple in the middle of results as well e.g it will find "red apple" as well as "apple pie".

if you use _ this is a wild card for a single character eg 'APPLE_' will find apples but not bapples or red apple or apple pie

hope this helps
SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE columnname LIKE '%apple%'

tutorial linked below 
jramos74Author Commented:
Does the case format matter?  Will this query pull records with 'APPLE' too?
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which version are you using?

you can use ILIKE if you are using version 10g
jramos74Author Commented:
Can you give me a select statement using ilike?  I tried it and it did not work.  We have 10g.  My query is SELECT * FROM TABLE1 where columnname ilike '%apple%' and it did not work.
gatorvipConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ILIKE is a PostgreSQL keyword, not Oracle

You can also use  INSTR:

select *
from table1
where INSTR(lower(columnname), 'apple')>0

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