Wirte files in jar

Hi people!

I'm working on a J2ME project, reading a file from same jar using getResourceAsStream from ClassLoader; I need to write some data on this file after. How can i do this?

Thanks a lot
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You can't write to a jar file
anmalaverAuthor Commented:
I would appreciate a more complete answer please...
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
What you need to do is write to a file (say in the users home directory).
Then have your code first attempt to read from that file, if the file does not exist then fall back to what you currently do and read the file (affectively the defaults) from the jar.
Alternatively copy the file out of the jar (if hasn't already nbeen done) on startup.

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One cannot write directly into the file which are present in jar, if you donot wish to make a copy of the file outside of the jar, you need to pull the file out in a temporary location, perform the write operation and then replace it again back in the jar file.

You can't write the "executable jar" you are running, because the file is in use.

You can, however, write to another jar file.

Remember that jar is an archive: it is a container for files.

You need to write the files first, then pack these files on the jar archive

>>I would appreciate a more complete answer please...

Sorry - something came up. Can you tell us why you want to write to a jar, then we could possibly come up with a  workaround
anmalaverAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your answers.!

The point is:

My app is J2ME. I have a fle inside my jar that i can easily read, but I need to download some info and update this file. It will be great if I could write my jar, because, if i write something at any root, the mobile asks the user to allow the write for each byte...

Could i avoid this permission from the user?
What else can i do?

Thanks a lot again.
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
signing the jar should avoid that. And you'll have the same security problems whether you are writing to a jar or not.

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anmalaverAuthor Commented:
Thanks, i'm gonna see that tomorrow.
anmalaverAuthor Commented:
Hi again

I've seen Java verified program http://www.javaverified.com/ to sign jars, but, is there another way to do this?, i want to distribute a beta version of my app, but i think it will be late if i send my application and wait...

Thanks a lot.
anmalaverAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot, i think i have to look for the way to sign it...
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