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Is anyone aware of a Free desktop search utility that is capable of searching the public folders in outlook 2003? We have a large public folder structure and I am looking for a better method to retrieve emails than manually searching through the folders, the search utility in outlook does not always find the documents.

Thank you for your time!!!!!!
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Anthony RussoCommented:
Try Xobni at
Have you tried Google Desktop?  I believe it will search public folders.  It's great on private folders.
This blog recommends that you select chache mode within Outlook tools..
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Hello Paul_S01,

Google Desktop will search your public folders in Outlook.  Outlook needs to be opened when indexing is going on.

Hope this helps!
Windows Desktop Search has the ability to index and search outlook contents, including the public folders.
Google Desktop and Copernic Desktop Search are also good alternatives.
Paul_S01Author Commented:
Thanks Russo!!!!!
I tried the Google and the Windows search suggestions and they worked for
basic searches I discovered they do not do well for files deep in the folder structures. The Xobni utility is amazingly fast and accurate, this is one of the best free utilities that I have seen.
Anthony RussoCommented:
Glad it helped out. I've been loving Xobni since it came out, and thank you.
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