Top SEO - Reputation Management companies?

Dear comrades,

I have a client that needs reputation management on Google, some negative information was posted regarding my client that made it up to the first page of Google, we're trying to find a reputable SEO company that can assist us in remove the negative content by pushing it off to the 3rd or 4th page.

If you are familiar with any reputable companies or had good experience with SEO company that can help me please advise.

Thank you!
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pigmentartsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what you need is a reputation management  plan, but it can be a very labor intensive process. you can do it yourself if you want to  spend the time to research the process and action it.

things you need to spend time doing...

1) Blogging  find blogs that deal in your area of business, post comments, help other, write articles on your subject
2)  Directory listings  Listing a website in directories using optimized keywords
3) Direct reviews  get as many of your customer to review your server post them on your site on articles etc
3) Online publicity  Syndicated article writing, links, and banners
4) Social networking  Posting pages on and Facebook.
5) Look for 3rd party opportunities to include information about your company (product retailers, parts suppliers,
distributors, etc)
6) create micro sites
7) Consider a paid search engine listing for your company name or brand.

more info here:

1) Set up Google and Yahoo Alerts to catch the use of your brands in the news
2) Customize RSS readers for brand tracking.
3) Monitor industry-related sites

you can get a company to do all this for you buts its very costly:
Why not send a complaint to Google or the company hosting the page regarding deformation of character to see if they will change/remove that page or its listing.

Otherwise you'd need to do a lot of individual SEO campaigns to get that page pushed off that deep into results - maybe 30 to 40 individual pages  on seperate domains to supercede their current rank...
h8tow8Author Commented:
Do you know where or how to best contact Google in this regard?
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You could start using the request tool, failing that thers contact details for google here:
h8tow8Author Commented:
The problem is that we don't control the negative content... it's not our domain, neither can we drop robots.txt file on their web server to prevent Google from indexing the content.

We tried contacting the owners of the domain without success, hence our only option (as I see it) is to SEO other domains above the nagative URLs... if there are any other options I would love to hear from you guys.

that link also included contact details for Google you can explain the situation to see what happens; any SEO activity to remove those results may taken weeks or months anyway, so contacting Google and waiting to see what happens is a cheaper short term solution.

You can also try contacting the hsot company for that site and explaining the slanderous comments need to be removed, host companies take these allegations serious these days.
hope this information helped, thanks for the points :)
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