Microsoft, Exchange Server on SBS, 2003 Service Pack1, Cannot Send/Receive Emails Inernelly or Externally

I am using Windows SBS Server with Serice Pack 1. I have configured the Exchange Server but unable to send/receive emails internally or externally. On the same server i have configured the Micsoft Outllook 2003 that show connected with the exchange but when i send or receive email it gives no error. but email not delivers on other local user email box.

-I tried it with OWA. but it give error 440 Login Timout Error.
-I am also unable to retrieve emails from my pop account using pop conect of SBS. it show wrong password in event log. inspite of the fact that password is right.
-I used Exchange Server Troubleshooting assistant it give warning SMTP instance 'Default SMTP Virtual Server' on server ABCEXChangeSERVER does not support the X-LINK2STATE verb. This will prevent routing updates from being received. and one error Unable to scan message tracking log on server ABCEchangeSERVER. Make sure that message tracking is enabled. however message tracking is enabled.

Please help
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ormerodrutterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Reinstall Exchange from Add/Remove Program. When you select uninstall, it will give you the options to Install (fresh copy), Repair or Reinstall.

Have a look of the following links.

The X-LINK2STATE verb is used by Exchange to update the link state tables on the routing masters. The link state tables record up-to-date information about the status of the SMTP links throughout the Exchange organization. Exchange uses this information to pick the lowest cost and most reliable routes when routing messages. This functionality is also referred to as "Intelligent Routing."

The X-LINK2STATE verb is required by Exchange for efficient routing, and is not used by other SMTP providers. As such, the functionality is provided in a file (xlsasink.dll) that is installed and registered by Exchange Setup.

There are two known reasons why this warning may be returned. First, some administrators may have disabled xlsasink.dll as a way to work around the intelligent routing functionality it provides. This is not a recommended best practice and will likely lead to performance and reliability problems. In this case, it is recommended that you reinstall Exchange on the affected computer to install and register xlsasink.dll.

Secondly, this warning may be returned if you are running an antivirus product that installs and uses its own SMTP protocol stack to scan messages. In this case, the antivirus software may run its own SMTP stack that intercepts and scans messages before they reach the Exchange SMTP stack. In this case, the antivirus SMTP stack is not using X-LINK2STATE verb. It is recommended that you run the antivirus software in a mode that does not require it to install its own SMTP stack on the Exchange server.
If you have only recently configured your box I recommend you to do a repair on (or even reinstall) Exchange. It may take you longer to resolve your problems.

Patch your server to sp2 AFTER the problems are resolved - sp2 will not solve your problems. Forget about OWA at the moment. If email is not flowing there is no point dealing with OWA. Regarding your POP connector, check again the deatail you entered. If it says wrong password, 99% of chance that you have entered the WRONG username/password. So you need to confirm with your email host and probably reset the password.

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Ah by the way, installing Outlook on the same machine as SBS server is not support because Outlook
installs its own version of MAPI32.dll which replaces the one used by Exchange.

However I have seen suggestion that says a registry edit will make that work. Try google it if you really need to install Outlook on the server. My recommendation is DO NOT install outlook on the server; if you need to check email on the server use OWA. There is also the security issue if you have somebody working on the server.
chand_shahzadAuthor Commented:
Ok. Now i am considering to re-install Exchange on SBS. but as a newbe on SBS. i have some worries.
I have SBS 2003 CD. From where we can reinstall exchange. Can i install exchange from SBS CD or do i need Exchange Server 2003 Standard Version CD for reinstalation.
chand_shahzadAuthor Commented:
Thanks, ormerodrutter. can you help me in one more thing. As i am new in SBS. Can you guide me how can i setup my SBS Exchange that my remote users can connect with exchange from different locations with Micsoft Outlook 2003. Can you give me detaild answer. or some link with step by step guide will be more helpful for me.

Sorry for not getting back I was off for a long weekend :)

There are two ways to do this. The easier way is to use OWA (Outlook Web Access). Have a look at the link, its half way through the article. The good thing about OWA is that your users can use this anywhere in the world as long as they have internet access, even in an Internet Cafe. The downside is the usability as OWA only provides half the functions the normal Outlook would provide.

Alternatively, you can setup RPC over HTTPs. This is a little more complicated as it requires tempering with registry (on server) and re-configuring all your Outlook clients (those who want to use it). The benefit is that your user can use his/her Outlook to do his/her normal stuff. Downside of course is that he has to take his laptop with him if he wants to use emails.

Hope this helps
chand_shahzadAuthor Commented:
I have done all the receomended installation. but when i creat a new email account using exchange. and configure all values in exchange exchange proxy tab. and click on button "Check Name" It keeps asking me  to give user name and password again and again and i cannot connect to exchange.

Plz help
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