OWA web page doesn't display outside of the network

Outlook Web access doesn't display its usual webpage outside of the network and cannot get RPC over Http to work.

It works fine inside the network if I use localhost/exchange I can see the owa blue screen.

When I use it outside the network the owa blue screen doesn't show but rather a seperate windows logon box appears asking for my username & password and when these are entered I can get into OWA - why doesn't the Blue OWQ screen appear?

All the relevant ports are open on the firewall and I can connect to it outside the network, but I just don't get the blue screen, I get a windows logon prompt.

Any reasons why?
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TangarineITAuthor Commented:
Thanks Karl

Unfortunately I had already those procedures in place and i'm now having a problem accessing the localhost/exchange internally....

I'm currently awaiting for the ssl cert.....
you wont get a welcome screen til you have authenticated.. i take it your on exchange 2003 with SP2??

do you have ssl on i.e. are you using https://webmail.xyz.com/  ??

TangarineITAuthor Commented:
Yes exchange 2003 with SP2

I think there is a problem with the SSL cert - just buying one of godaddy.com now

As when I go to localhost/exchange it displays the page but not the content (no emails) when I try and logout its giving me a 'this page must be viewed over a secure channel' error message.
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TangarineITAuthor Commented:
When I access it from the outside I use the http://outsideiphere/exchange/
Think you need to change your IIS properties to use a service account. This will allow the front page to load without credtials from the user, then when they login to the page with their logon details the communication is done between the exchange server and domain controller.

You should definatly use certificates for extra security.

TangarineITAuthor Commented:
Ok I'm reasonably fimiliar with IIS - can you point me in the right direction to do that?

Also I think I need to use SSL anyway for the RPC over HTTPS....
Please see the link below that will help installing OWA for exchange with a ISA server.


There are also lotts of article for different scenarios.

Hope this helps.
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