Cannot connect to OWA from behind firewall


I have setup a DNS rule so that points to the correct IP and then setup a rule in our firewall which accepts all internet traffic from this address. That traffic is then allowed only through ports 80 and 443 to our exchange, the rest is dropped.

I have a default installation of exchange 2007 which means that to connect to owa i have to use https://hostname/owa - this works fine.

The problem is i cannot figure out how to get the traffic being directed to the exchange the automatically connect to that page?

Any info
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bcrosby007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually, i was able to connect to your owa using that. so, you either have to educate your users on that, or make the OWA virtual directory the default in IIS.
Does it connect when you use
HallidaysAuthor Commented:
Im an idiot, i was trying to connect from the inside of our network. How silly.

No worries! You should be able to create a DNS entry for that points to the internal IP so that your users dont have to have seperate shortcuts whether they are internal or not.
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