how can i use xdoclet to create struts2's struts.xml?

  i want use xdoclet to create struts2's config file like struts.xml,
how can i do it?
and i need what jar to do it?

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kmapperConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well... ok

Then, with struts 2 the tags are provided by Xwork.

Here is where you'll get the information

hope this helps
I don't see how a script could do the struts.xml since you need to configure it yourself.

How could it know the actions your are using in your application? how could it know where the result are going and stuff like that?

Do you want me to send an example of a struts.xml?
jbasAuthor Commented:
hi,pmartin8 experts,
 thanks , i want write a script in my action java file,and use ant to build it's struts.xml,now i do not know what script i need to write in my action java,and  in  build.xml  i need what code,and xdoclet is support struts2?

i want write the script in java action like thils:

 * @struts.package name="example"  namespace="/example" extends="s20-default"
 * @struts.action name="Login_*" method="{1}" class="example.Login"
 * @struts.action-result name="startup"
 * @struts.action-result name="input"

but i not sure it can be work.
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hmmm well...

in the struts.xml there is much more than just action and result definitions...
Moreover, using the best practices you should split the configuration files in many packages and many files...
For example, if you have an admin view, you will have the struts.xml include the user-view-config.xml and the admin-view-config.xml

I harldy see how you could define such things with annotations.

If you generate the struts.xml with a doclet, then you will need to recompile all the code whenever you change a result foward.

I guess I don't understand your requirements, but to me even if it's possible, this is not a good idea to generate the struts.xml with a xdoclet script
jbasAuthor Commented:
hi,kmappers experts,
  thanks for your reply,in struts1,i use xdoclet to create struts-config.xml,and i write some script in my action java file  ,and when i use spring ,i write script in my spring's java file to create spring.xml,i do it because i can manage some xml config file in java source,and when i need to deplay it ,i use ant to build the build.xml file,it's so easy.
>>For example, if you have an admin view, you will have the struts.xml include the user-view-config.xml and the admin-view-config.xml
yes, if possible,i want to build the admin-view-config.xml,other-config.xml..... with xdoclet,but now i not know to create  single struts.xml .

struts1 script:
in my action:
 * @struts.action path="/common/commonAction" scope="request" name="callForm" parameter="doaction"
 * @struts.action-forward name="userSearchCollectForward" path="/WEB-INF/webpages/call/userCollectFrame.jsp"
 * @struts.action-forward name="userSearchForward" path="/WEB-INF/webpages/call/userSearch.jsp"
 * @struts.action-forward name="userCollectForward" path="/WEB-INF/webpages/call/userCollect.jsp"
 * @struts.action-forward name="dTreeForward" path="/WEB-INF/webpages/call/dTree.jsp"
 * @struts.action-forward name="dTreeServerForward" path="/WEB-INF/webpages/call/dtreeServer.jsp"
 * @struts.action-forward name="dptuserCollectForward" path="/WEB-INF/webpages/call/dptuserCollect.jsp"
 * @struts.action-forward name="dptuserForward" path="/WEB-INF/webpages/call/deptUserTreeFrame.jsp"
 * @struts.action-forward name="ldbzForward" path="/WEB-INF/webpages/call/ldbzPage.jsp"

in springImpl java file i create spring.xml use this code.
 * @spring.proxy id="parameterService" parent="baseTransactionProxy"
 * @spring.bean
 * name="paramDao" ref="paramDao"
jbasAuthor Commented:
  i don't know how to use xworktag,and how can i write   the build.xml.

Best regard!
Well, I never used them neither...Sorry I don't have any example to provide...

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