No disks for my IBM xSeries 360 server

I have this old IBM xSeries 360 server still working and I'm looking for new disks.

I'm ordered 5 disks to the purchase dept., which in turn they order to IBM.
IBM told there are no more disks for that server... and I say what?
Isn't that like saying that there are no tire for an specific cars? I mean tires are tires, and disks are disks.

Now, they say they will try to get some other disk model that replace this disk (still directly from IBM), and they want a lot of that from the server like serial number and model type (the IBM guy is asking for this!)

I don't know if there is certain magic in these disks or what.
What do you think?
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The disks themselves are probably quite standard SCSI disks, but many Servers put the disks into a special case suitable for hotplugging etc. They sell the disk in that special case, and the combination is the expensive part.
deltex141Connect With a Mentor Commented:
One word: Ebay

You can probably find what you need there for much lower than what IBM would charge you
fischermxAuthor Commented:
I know, but I'm in a company with ~20,000 employees, so I really can't step over the "official" workflow :(
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Easy, here's a link to a seller on ebay for those

Just call them up, have them hold it for you, make a corp account, and push through a PO for the sale

Ta Da, all done nice and official
Yeah, the link above is for a whole server, you get the hot-swappable drive cases with the drives
fischermxAuthor Commented:
By "special case suitable for hotplugging" you mean the caddy?
Because, I'm going to replace old crashed disk with the new ones, so I was thinking in reuse that part.
Yes. You could try getting a SCSI disk from somewhere else, place it into the caddy and check whether your server will recognize and be able to use it. some servers may have limits there to, so it would be worth trying it out with one before you buy all the new disks.
Are they standard 80 pin SCSI drives inside those carriers? Newegg should have plenty if HP doesn't.
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