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need help getting vnc to work on windows 2008 server, black screen when connecting

Hello everyone.

I am setting up a new webserver with windows 2008 server for our offsite data center because its a very old server and i am replacing it with a brand new server with windows 2008.   I have everything else working on it but i cant get any free vnc software to work on it.  I have tried tightvnc, ultravnc and realvnc and the only one i got working was the realvnc personal edition which cost money.  I came across this forum on technet which a few people posted that they can get ultravnc to work but i couldnt.


It states to follow the vista steps but it just doesnt work for me with windows server 2008.  Can anyone please help me with this.

thank you
1 Solution
This problem is common with windows Vista and VNC. Server 2008 appears to be having the same issue, not surprising as the operating systems are similar in many ways.

I thought that server 08 had the Aero theme turned off by default but if you have turned it on, that is going to be a problem. If that is not the problem then try option 2 as listed below.
[Full Article -http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/08/02/blank-or-black-screen-when-remote-control-vista-system-with-vnc/ ]

The solution to this VNC Vista black desktop screen problem is easy - simply disable the Windows Vista Aero theme. To do so, right click on black space on desktop of target remote system (the one you want to remote control with VNC, where server is running), choose Personalize. Then click on Windows Color and Appearance link, follow by Open classic appearance properties for more color options link. In the Color Scheme list of options, select non-Aero theme, such as Windows Vista Basic or Windows Classic, then press OK.

If you must want and cant live without Aero Glass effect, you can try this alternative workaround to get VNC working with Vista without turning off Aero. Install UltraVNC Server on target Vista system (server side to remote control to), then go to User Properties, and untick the Poll Full Screen option.
There are major problems with the VNC protocol and the new Windows codenamed-"Longhorn" (Vista and Server 2008) machines. Sometimes you cannot connect at all, and other times, you will connect and receive a black screen with no interaction.

The easiest approach at present is to either use the licensed version of RealVNC which has already been adapted to avoid these issues and work correctly, or simply use Remote Desktop instead to remotely administer the server in the mean time. In the coming future all the other VNC packages will probably be modified to support Server 2008 - since Server 2008 is so new though, it is going to take a while for the packages to be extended with this support.

dmb2002manAuthor Commented:
captnmac-i have tried everything you suggested and now with ultravnc r16 installed when i try and vnc to it and put in the password and then i get to the screen where i have to enter ctrl alt delete and when i do that it just does nothing at all.  Now if i am currently logged into the server and then try to vnc then it will work fine but when the server is locked it wont log in.  This sucks about windows 2008 server.
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dmb2002manAuthor Commented:
i have finally got this to work by disabling UAC and CAD.  Seems to be a work around for now and its working.  It just doesnt ask anymore for ctrl alt delete.
Another free options you may want to look into that might work for you is dameware. I haven't look at their product in a while but it was about the same as VNC and had no cost.
dmb2002manAuthor Commented:

I just did a google search for dameware and came up with this link http://www.dameware.com/.   Its not a free software but you can get 30 days free so for now im just saying with ultravnc r16 that works okay after disabling disabling UAC and CAD.
Hi all,

On a Vista Home Premium machine which was experiencing the same "black screen" problem mentioned above, I found that the solution was to install UltraVNC v1.0.5. It worked perfectly. You can get it at http://www.uvnc.com.
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