AIX Backup Logical volume

I'm running aix 5.3 ml 5

I have one uservg that has 2 hard disks ( hdisk1 and hdisk2) inside it.

hdisk1 has error reported and need to be replaced.

in hdisk1 has all logical volume not be mounted ( i dont know it is previously mounted or not coz this is old project system) and i dont know what the filesystem name is.

and hdisk2 has the paging space and 1 logical volume that been mounted to filesystem.

the problem is ... Is it POSSIBLE to back up LOGICAL VOLUME not filesystem in hdisk1 using savevg cmd or any other cmd that i do not know?

i want to back it up to a tape.

Thank you.

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sjm_eeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Depending on the size of tape you have and the size of the LVs, you may be able to fit more than one LV on a single tape.

This command will write the content of one LV only a single tape.

dd if=/dev/kplus_dat6dev of=/dev/rmt0 bs=512

If you have enough space on tape you may be able to write more than one file as follows:
export TAPE
rewind $TAPE
dd bs=512 of=/dev/$TAPE if=/dev/arch_dat1dev
dd bs=512 of=/dev/$TAPE if=/dev/arch_dat2dev

Using  the tape device with a ".1" suffix means to not rewind after the completion of the command. I would suggest checking the tape has been written correctly by comparing the output of "md5sum /dev/arch_dat1dev" and "dd if=/dev/rmt0.1 | md5sum" for each LV.
Please post results of "lsvg", "lsvg -o" and "lsvg -o | lsvg -i -l".
And "lsvg -p hdisk1" and "lsvg -p hdisk2" also.
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nakbijak895Author Commented:
  1-7     used    outer edge    kplus_logdev        jfs2       N/A
  8-20    used    outer edge    kplus_dat7dev       jfs2       N/A
 21-33    used    outer edge    kplus_dat6dev       jfs2       N/A
 34-46    used    outer edge    kplus_dat5dev       jfs2       N/A
 47-59    used    outer edge    kplus_dat4dev       jfs2       N/A
 60-72    used    outer edge    kplus_dat3dev       jfs2       N/A
 73-85    used    outer edge    kplus_dat2dev       jfs2       N/A
 86-110   used    outer edge    arch_logdev         jfs2       N/A
111-129   used    outer middle  arch_dat1dev        jfs2       N/A
130-148   used    outer middle  arch_dat2dev        jfs2       N/A
149-167   used    outer middle  arch_dat3dev        jfs2       N/A
168-186   used    outer middle  arch_dat4dev        jfs2       N/A
187-205   used    outer middle  arch_dat5dev        jfs2       N/A
206-218   used    outer middle  kplus_dat1dev       jfs2       N/A
219-219   used    outer middle  kplus_dat8dev       jfs2       N/A
220-231   used    center        kplus_dat8dev       jfs2       N/A
232-244   used    center        kplus_dat9dev       jfs2       N/A
245-257   used    center        kplus_dat10dev      jfs2       N/A
258-270   used    center        kplus_log2dev       jfs2       N/A
271-283   used    center        kplus_log3dev       jfs2       N/A
284-296   used    center        kplus_log4dev       jfs2       N/A
297-309   used    center        kredit_datadev      jfs2       N/A
310-316   used    center        kredit_logdev       jfs2       N/A
317-323   used    center        kustom_datdev       jfs2       N/A
324-328   used    center        kustom_da2tdev      jfs2       N/A
329-336   used    inner middle  kustom_da2tdev      jfs2       N/A
337-340   used    inner middle  kustom_logdev       jfs2       N/A
341-348   used    inner middle  kustom_log2dev      jfs2       N/A
349-349   used    inner middle  syb_masterdev       jfs2       N/A
350-350   used    inner middle  syb_systemdev       jfs2       N/A
351-351   used    inner middle  syb_sysprocdev      jfs2       N/A
352-375   used    inner middle  temp_dat01dev       jfs2       N/A
376-391   used    inner middle  temp_log01dev       jfs2       N/A
392-415   used    inner middle  temp_log02dev       jfs2       N/A
416-431   used    inner middle  pfe_data            jfs2       N/A
432-437   used    inner middle  pfe_log             jfs2       N/A
438-447   used    inner edge    pfe_log             jfs2       N/A
448-479   used    inner edge    rknet_data1         jfs2       N/A
480-511   used    inner edge    rknet_data2         jfs2       N/A
512-527   used    inner edge    rknet_log           jfs2       N/A
528-546   free    inner edge

LV NAME               LPs   PPs   DISTRIBUTION          MOUNT POINT
paging08              16    16    00..00..00..16..00    N/A
paging07              16    16    00..00..10..06..00    N/A
paging06              16    16    00..00..16..00..00    N/A
paging05              16    16    00..00..16..00..00    N/A
paging12              16    16    00..00..00..16..00    N/A
paging11              16    16    00..00..00..16..00    N/A
paging10              16    16    00..00..00..16..00    N/A
paging09              16    16    00..00..00..16..00    N/A
paging14              16    16    00..00..00..07..09    N/A
paging13              16    16    00..00..00..16..00    N/A
sybbindev             32    32    32..00..00..00..00    /sybase
rknetcust_log         16    16    00..16..00..00..00    N/A
rknetcust_data        32    32    00..32..00..00..00    N/A
var_db_data           32    32    32..00..00..00..00    N/A
var_db_log            16    16    00..16..00..00..00    N/A
ts_data               32    32    00..32..00..00..00    N/A
ts_log                32    32    32..00..00..00..00    N/A
paging01              16    16    00..00..16..00..00    N/A
paging02              16    16    00..00..16..00..00    N/A
lv03                  1     1     01..00..00..00..00    N/A
paging00              16    16    00..13..03..00..00    N/A
paging03              16    16    00..00..16..00..00    N/A
paging04              16    16    00..00..16..00..00    N/A
nakbijak895Author Commented:


hdisk0          0052a5fa1d4a0ce6                    rootvg          active
hdisk1          0052a5fa925cf6d9                    sybasevg        active
hdisk2          0052a5fa8922668b                    sybasevg        active
hdisk3          0052a5fa1f0fe38c                    kondorvg        active
hdisk4          0052a5fa36ea29bb                    sybdumpvg       active
Ok - the data on hdisk1 is not mirrored to hdisk2. If the disk fails then data will be lost.

You cannot backup the content of a raw LV with savevg. If you have enough disk space in sybasevg on hdisk2 I recommend adding a mirror copy of each LV on hdisk1 to hdisk2. If you do not have space you should bakup the data via the application which uses the data (Sybase?). As a last resort, you may copy a raw LV to tape with "dd" but this is not a very good solution as you will need to copy the whole of the LV to tape.
nakbijak895Author Commented:
can you show me how to use the command dd to copy the whole LV to tape?

because i have no enough space in hdisk2.
bs=32768 will use DMA more efficiently.

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