teaming NICs

how do i team nics in w2k8 core, whats the command or tool; i have HP NIC NC373i Gigabit
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ogorbunConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
didn't really have a chance to write scripting; looking for a quicker way
You should install the HP support Tools from the smart start CD and this installs a tool to Team HP Nic's in a variety of configurations.

Hope this helps.
ogorbunAuthor Commented:
i think that has been installed
but i don't know syntax to check and to team them
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Teaming can be scripted; although I didn't tested yet, in the following link you can find infos for that:

The instructions worked fine for Windows 2008; you may try it on Core.

By the way here's a link for a GUI for Windows 2008 Core installations that may help out a little with ordinary configurations:
ogorbunAuthor Commented:
first link is for windows 2003
Yes, as i said the scripting worked fine for Windows 2008
I have the same situation. Windows 2008 Core installed on a HP server.

I solved the problem going to c:\Program files\HP\NCU and running HPTEAM.CPL command.

That allow me to configure network teams.

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