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netgear router DG834G and Orange

My boss has Orange broadband in France his partner cannot get wireless basically I assume this is becasue they did not press the one button to get frequency on orange router before connecting with wep key on first time connection.

Anyway this is how each ireless device is required to connect first time entering key so it retains correct frequency.

Problem is that he has aproperty with two outside rented building who want to use wireless broad band from main building.

Got me so far. Well they would need access to live box router to press one button prior to connecting first time having given wep key.

So I am flying to France (from UK) to set up router and do a few odd jobs and take pics for website.

So thats the story. My idea is to bin live box add netgear router. I assume all I need is to add username and password for ISP  on router turn on wireless add wep encryption and all can then connect (distance bteween buidlings about 15 foot.

However will this router work with Orange and do I add DNS etc or does this get automatically. Encapulation is this default or soemthing else.

If anyone has tried this then please let me know the french and UK connections will obviously be no diiferent to set up it is Orange and that is that.

Or can I add a wirless switch to live box and if so what device and what settings would this require. I though at wireless switch and leave dhcp and dns on live box and turn off dhcp and dns on switch and turn on wirless on switch and off on live box.

I do not want to hard wire this setup as it involves going through concrete paths etc.

Help Please!
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Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
Can you tell us what type of "Broadband" service we are talking about and what type of devices are being used currently? As far as the other two "rented" units, you should be able to run Wireless and filter by MAC address or through Encryption. Let me know.
booneballAuthor Commented:
I will get the details of the live box but I assume they are all the same and the broadband type to follow shortly.  I do know as they are miles from excchange it is only 512k nconnection but to be fair on a VPN to me here it works as well as his 8 meg home connection. Our vpn is 24 meg up and 2.5 down so the upload helps.

What I would really like to do is just configure a netgear adsl router to replace the Live Box reason being the live box always needs the one button pressing on when connecting to wirless for the first time per device. no good for the out building as they will not have access to router.

So if the netgear routyer is compaible with service i kinda hoped I would need username and password for account and then auto dns and dhcp and away I go but it may not be as simple as that as they may use different encapulation or other settings I am inaware of.

Thanks for now I will be back.
booneballAuthor Commented:
I have managed to connect the netgear router to Orange in the UK. A friend had a live box so i binned it and tried the netgear router.

These settings worked:
Username and password
Encapsulation = PPoA (PPP over ATM)
IP address get dynamically from ISP
DNS automatically from ISP
NAT = Enable
Multipleaxing = VC-Based
VPI = 0
VCI = 38
DSL Mode = Auto (multi mode)
Wireless settings
SSID *******
Region = Europe
Channel = 11
Mode = g & b
Enable wireless yes and broadcast ssid yes
So question now is when I get the box the France do i change region to france or leave it on Europe?

I assume the other setting like encapsulation VCI and VPI are the same can anyone tell me different.

Orange UK have been helpful but I need to ruing France to see what settings are and I donbt speak French.

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Nick DennyCommented:
This user has the settings on an Orange LiveBox as:
VPI set to 8
VCI set to 35
and LLC

booneballAuthor Commented:
So do I also change region to France (silly question really) but all the same I will ask or Europe.

What did that link mean by PPPa conflicts. Was it a typ and he meant that PPoa conflicts use PPPoe.

Do you know that this work for sure. I think their Orange was Wannadoo but not sure does iot really matter whether it is freeserve livebox etc?
Any idea why these settings are different in France.
booneballAuthor Commented:
Nick DennyCommented:
Do you have someone in France to help you or do you have to go back each time?

Do you ever get a connection on either the LiveBox or the Netgear? If you do, then I doubt its a setup/config problem, because with the incorrect settings it should never connect.

Can you get Orange to test the line for you in France (with the help of a local person!)?

Was the live box in France working OK initially?
Nick DennyCommented:
Also, yes you could add a wireless access point to the live box.
You could actually leave the wireless on the live box also (technically it would work with both, but may prove confusing to users).
If this is a route you want to follow - please post back for more info - although it is relatively straightforward.
booneballAuthor Commented:
It works for weeks until you turn it off then it takes a million yeasrs to connect or to be precise days.

frech telecom are coming to check line.

I cannot go back there but boss has eventually got the engineers out. Cannot be live box if it works I reckon they are having SNR issues because they are on only a 512 connection 3.5 KM from exchange in a rural location.

Once it is on ot stays on for days.

Theyu turned it of to add a new extension lead!!!!!

ANyway the original issue was getting the router to coneect to any hoioliday makers wirelsss device without having tpo press pairing button but I suspect if pairing button on live box is turned off they wont get a signal full stop. So iunless they are inbuilding where box is they cannot press pariring mode hence trying to use netgear but then I cant get adsl signal on thet either. But then again maybe I can I fi leave the settings I am trying 2-03 days each time til it works. Pain big pain
booneballAuthor Commented:
I have a device attached thatis live boxes own that boosts signal but it is putting wep key in the box needs to be in paring mode but if you are in one of the othjer two building outside of main house you cannot access to press the 1 (pairing button) I assume if this is turned off you cant connect worelessly. havnt tried it cos I had to leave befor brioadbabd came back on.
Nick DennyCommented:
In this case - I would suggest a WAP (wireless access point) like this offereing from Linksys:

Simply plug it into router ethernet port and log into it from browser (or I think there could be a setup CD with software).
Set security - careful using WPA as older laptops NIC's may not support it - but at the very least use a WEP key.
Nick DennyCommented:
In fact - configure it before you send it.
Plug it directly into your PC/laptop via ethernet.
Set your own PC/laptop NIC to same subnet (a static - the WAP is default then browse to it on
The manual will give default username and password. (Best check default IP too).
You could then either leave the WAP for DHCP IP or set it manually in the same subnet as the Orange Live Box in France (to re-log back in you would need to reset your PC/laptop IP to same subnet).
Setting it manually may cause an issue if the DHCP is not cofigurable in the Live Box (i.e. to reserve range of IP's).
booneballAuthor Commented:
Final message broadband was working badly due to a telephone being connected to control the boiler!!!! Wires removed the broadband has lost SNR related issues. netgear setting correct.
Nick DennyCommented:
Phew! - Glad you got it sorted eventually.
Many thanks for grade and points.
booneballAuthor Commented:
Dont suppose you know how to reset orange booster that was working with one live box but now fails on other which incidentally cannot have the langiage settings changed so the person out in france can tell me what the # is going on.
Nick DennyCommented:
Sorry - I dont - I am not familiar with the livebox.
There is a forum here that is monitored by Orange in certain sections apparently:

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