Internet Headers Missing for Select User Accounts

There are a couple of user accounts in this Exchange 2003environment that do not have internet headers on any of the emails coming from their account. This is for internal and external mail.

Without using a 3rd party app, is this able to be turned on/off. Any other ideas why this is happening or how I can turn them back on?

Thanks in advance
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kieran_bConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>Its all SMTP

Not on the same server it isn;t - if two mailboxes are on the same server the mail will not have headers (it doesn't use the SMTP Server).  Multiple servers I will have to check, I believe they do have headers (as servers share data using SMTP).

What are the issues, and have you looked through message tracking?
Internal mails aren't going to have headers - external mails MUST have headers.

Send an email from one of these users to gmail and then check it - I guarantee it will have headers
juggernaughtyAuthor Commented:
I will definately test this tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I saw plenty of internal emails with headers as well, just not from those select users. Doesn't each server/device stamp it on its way through whether or not the mail is internet bound?
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Only if it uses SMTP
juggernaughtyAuthor Commented:
Its all SMTP . Any other ideas why two people have no headers? Or better yet, maybe you could tell me how to find the mail ID aside from headers? I have been tasked with tracking some strange issues on the exchange server and I dont know how to prove some things without specific message IDs.
juggernaughtyAuthor Commented:

I am seeing the internet headers section with data in it for users on the same server, and even in the same mailbox store so if they're not using SMTP I don't know why theres data. Basically all I'm looking for the Message ID.

Since you asked:

Person A claims to have not sent a reply to a message. The message in question was supposedly received by person B. Person B replied to the message, and I received a copy of it. When I look at the timestamp of the message that supposedly wasn't sent and then I look in the mailbox of person B, I see a message with the same subject and exact timestamp, but a different message body. IIt is exactly the same as the one that wasn't sent except for the replay from person A is different message body! When I look in the message tracking center I see that only ONE message was sent at that same time from Person A's account. Stranger yet, no copy of the original can be found.

Person A is a very important person and there are fears floating around about mailbox security. All messages including Person A have no internet headers and I cannot see the message IDs.....which would help greatly in verifying if Exchange made a mistake somehow or if indeed these are different messages.

Make sense? It's hard to explain this via text.
juggernaughtyAuthor Commented:
This question was not solved and is no longer valid. I am assigning points to close it.
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