Protocol Driver Error

Hello - please help..
I have joined a new server to my CItrix Presention Server farm. Everything on the server looks normal, but when I try and launch a published application the web client progress bar sticks at "Connection in Progress" for a while, but then comes up with "Protocol Driver Error".
I'm not sure where to look...
Thanks for any suggestions.
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bigpabConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is probably due to the firewall blocking the connection from the csg to your new server, you'll need to allow 1494 and 2598 if you're using session reliability through
Craig RoberdsMISCommented:
That looks like an error with a CAG, Secure Gateway, or firewall.  Do you have a CAG?

Is it just the newly added server giving you the issue or is it all of your servers?

If you have Secure Gateway and are still using client 9.2 check here:

There is also a hotfix (also if you have SG)

jamesEEAuthor Commented:
Hi croberds - thanks for your reply

I am using Citix Secure Gateway. This sits in a DMZ between the internet and the trusted LAN.

It is only the newly added server with the problem... this problem was the case right after I joined it to the Citrix farm (before installing any hotfix) and it was the case even after installing the hotfix roll-up. So I dont think it's a hotfix issue. Plus is cant be an ICA web client issue - because this client connects to my other 4 servers with no problem...

I am stumped! What do you reckon?!
Craig RoberdsMISCommented:
Secure Gateway aren't my specialty, but you may want to look here:

I haven't seen BLipman around as much lately but he is very good at Secure Gateway issues.
jamesEEAuthor Commented:
bigpab was absolutely correct. Thanks!
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