Profile not found using VPN connection, XP uses temp profile


I have a VPN Server setup using Windows Server 2003. The VPN client is an XP machine which was working fine until last week. I tried logging into the VPN, everything was fine, authenticated, registered etc. but the countdown box telling me that the local profile could not be found came up and a temporary profile was created. Thinking this was maybe due to slow network connection I restarted and tried again. Same problem. I then logged into the machine locally as the administrator and deleted the user profile and temporary profiles also and tried again. Still, nothing. It seems to really like temporary profiles.
I then decided to VPN via another computer and it worked fine, no problems.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Thank you,
Garry Noble
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authen-techConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is usually due to network problems...if the local profile is stored on the server and it times out before having time to load the whole thing across the VPN.  Try reducing the size of your profile temporarily and see if that helps.  Otherwise log in with the temp and test the network bandwidth speeds to the server.

Hope that helps
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