How do I set the minimum characters required for a password?

Posted on 2008-06-11
Last Modified: 2013-12-13
I can set the maximum required characters on Dreamweaver MX but how do I set the minimum characters?
Question by:cfwd
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Accepted Solution

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ID: 21765232
I just use either javascript or php to see how long the password is and send the user an error message if it is not long enough.
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Assisted Solution

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Author Comment

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could you be more specific on how to see how long the password is and send the user an error message if it is not long enough.
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Can someone give me php code that allows me to check the password to make sure it is a minimum of 6 characters and gives an error if it is not? I don't know code...Thanks!
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Assisted Solution

nanharbison earned 250 total points
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say the password is $_POST['password']

$passwordlength = strlen($_POST['password']);

if ($passwordlength < 6)
    I need to know the code for the whole form to know what to put here, I am thinking maybe javascript is a better way to handle this, so you wouldn't use this at all. But I need to see the code
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Assisted Solution

matrixnz earned 125 total points
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Checks for a minimum length and invalid characters.


Author Comment

ID: 21798016
Okay, here is the complete code.
<?php require_once('Connections/harveys_connection.php'); ?>


function GetSQLValueString($theValue, $theType, $theDefinedValue = "", $theNotDefinedValue = "") 


  $theValue = (!get_magic_quotes_gpc()) ? addslashes($theValue) : $theValue;

  switch ($theType) {

    case "text":

      $theValue = ($theValue != "") ? "'" . $theValue . "'" : "NULL";


    case "long":

    case "int":

      $theValue = ($theValue != "") ? intval($theValue) : "NULL";


    case "double":

      $theValue = ($theValue != "") ? "'" . doubleval($theValue) . "'" : "NULL";


    case "date":

	  $theValue = ($theValue != "") ? "'" . date("Y-m-d",strtotime($theValue)) . "'" : "NULL";


	case "time":

	  $theValue = ($theValue != "") ? "'" . date("H:i:s",strtotime($theValue)) . "'" : "NULL";


    case "datetime":

	  $theValue = ($theValue != "") ? "'" . date("Y-m-d H:i:s",strtotime($theValue)) . "'" : "NULL";


    case "defined":

      $theValue = ($theValue != "") ? $theDefinedValue : $theNotDefinedValue;



  return $theValue;


$editFormAction = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];

if (isset($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'])) {

  $editFormAction .= "?" . htmlentities($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']);


if ((isset($_POST["MM_insert"])) && ($_POST["MM_insert"] == "form1")) {

  $insertSQL = sprintf("INSERT INTO harvey_registration (hdw_id, username, password, UPIN, first_name, last_name, email, phone, street, street_2, city, `state`, zip, agree) VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s)",

                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['username'], "text"),

                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['username'], "text"),

                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['password'], "text"),

                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['UPIN'], "text"),

                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['first_name'], "text"),

                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['last_name'], "text"),

                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['email'], "text"),

                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['phone'], "text"),

                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['street'], "text"),

                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['street_2'], "text"),

                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['city'], "text"),

                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['state'], "text"),

                       GetSQLValueString($_POST['zip'], "text"),

                       GetSQLValueString(isset($_POST['agree']) ? "true" : "", "defined","'Y'","'N'"));

  mysql_select_db($database_harveys_connection, $harveys_connection);

  $Result1 = mysql_query($insertSQL, $harveys_connection) or die(mysql_error());

  $insertGoTo = "thankyou_registration_med.php";

  if (isset($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'])) {

    $insertGoTo .= (strpos($insertGoTo, '?')) ? "&" : "?";

    $insertGoTo .= $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'];


  header(sprintf("Location: %s", $insertGoTo));


mysql_select_db($database_harveys_connection, $harveys_connection);

$query_rs_medical_professionals = "SELECT * FROM harvey_registration";

$rs_medical_professionals = mysql_query($query_rs_medical_professionals, $harveys_connection) or die(mysql_error());

$row_rs_medical_professionals = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs_medical_professionals);

$totalRows_rs_medical_professionals = mysql_num_rows($rs_medical_professionals);


<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">



<title>Medical Professionals Registration</title>

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

<style type="text/css">


.style6 {

	font-family: "Times New Roman", Times, serif;

	font-size: 12px;

	font-weight: bold;




<script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript">


function MM_findObj(n, d) { //v4.01

  var p,i,x;  if(!d) d=document; if((p=n.indexOf("?"))>0&&parent.frames.length) {

    d=parent.frames[n.substring(p+1)].document; n=n.substring(0,p);}

  if(!(x=d[n])&&d.all) x=d.all[n]; for (i=0;!x&&i<d.forms.length;i++) x=d.forms[i][n];

  for(i=0;!x&&d.layers&&i<d.layers.length;i++) x=MM_findObj(n,d.layers[i].document);

  if(!x && d.getElementById) x=d.getElementById(n); return x;


function YY_checkform() { //v4.66

//copyright (c)1998,2002

  var args = YY_checkform.arguments; var myDot=true; var myV=''; var myErr='';var addErr=false;var myReq;

  for (var i=1; i<args.length;i=i+4){

    if (args[i+1].charAt(0)=='#'){myReq=true; args[i+1]=args[i+1].substring(1);}else{myReq=false}

    var myObj = MM_findObj(args[i].replace(/\[\d+\]/ig,""));


    if (myObj.type=='text'||myObj.type=='password'||myObj.type=='hidden'){

      if (myReq&&myObj.value.length==0){addErr=true}

      if ((myV.length>0)&&(args[i+2]==1)){ //fromto

        var myMa=args[i+1].split('_');if(isNaN(myV)||myV<myMa[0]/1||myV > myMa[1]/1){addErr=true}

      } else if ((myV.length>0)&&(args[i+2]==2)){

          var rx=new RegExp("^[\\w\.=-]+@[\\w\\.-]+\\.[a-z]{2,4}$");if(!rx.test(myV))addErr=true;

      } else if ((myV.length>0)&&(args[i+2]==3)){ // date

        var myMa=args[i+1].split("#"); var myAt=myV.match(myMa[0]);


          var myD=(myAt[myMa[1]])?myAt[myMa[1]]:1; var myM=myAt[myMa[2]]-1; var myY=myAt[myMa[3]];

          var myDate=new Date(myY,myM,myD);



      } else if ((myV.length>0)&&(args[i+2]==4)){ // time

        var myMa=args[i+1].split("#"); var myAt=myV.match(myMa[0]);if(!myAt){addErr=true}

      } else if (myV.length>0&&args[i+2]==5){ // check this 2

            var myObj1 = MM_findObj(args[i+1].replace(/\[\d+\]/ig,""));



      } else if (myV.length>0&&args[i+2]==6){ // the same

            var myObj1 = MM_findObj(args[i+1]);



    } else

    if (!myObj.type&&myObj.length>0&&myObj[0].type=='radio'){

          var myTest = args[i].match(/(.*)\[(\d+)\].*/i);

          var myObj1=(myObj.length>1)?myObj[myTest[2]]:myObj;

      if (args[i+2]==1&&myObj1&&myObj1.checked&&MM_findObj(args[i+1]).value.length/1==0){addErr=true}

      if (args[i+2]==2){

        var myDot=false;

        for(var j=0;j<myObj.length;j++){myDot=myDot||myObj[j].checked}

        if(!myDot){myErr+='* ' +args[i+3]+'\n'}


    } else if (myObj.type=='checkbox'){



    } else if (myObj.type=='select-one'||myObj.type=='select-multiple'){


    }else if (myObj.type=='textarea'){



    if (addErr){myErr+='* '+args[i+3]+'\n'; addErr=false}


  if (myErr!=''){alert('The required information is incomplete or contains errors:\t\t\t\t\t\n\n'+myErr)}

  document.MM_returnValue = (myErr=='');





<body onLoad="MM_validateForm('username','','R','UPIN','','R','first_name','','R','last_name','','R','email','','RisEmail','phone','','R','street','','R','city','','R','zip','','R','password','','R');return document.MM_returnValue">

 <p align="center"><strong>MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS REGISTRATION</strong></p>


 <form action="<?php echo $editFormAction; ?>" method="POST" name="form1" onSubmit="YY_checkform('form1','agree','#q','1','You must agree to the terms and conditions to continue.','username','#q','0','Field \'username\' is not valid.','UPIN','#q','0','Field \'UPIN\' is not valid.','first_name','#q','0','Field \'first_name\' is not valid.','last_name','#q','0','Field \'last_name\' is not valid.','email','S','2','Field \'email\' is not valid.','phone','#q','0','Field \'phone\' is not valid.','street','#q','0','Field \'street\' is not valid.','city','#q','0','Field \'city\' is not valid.','zip','#q','0','Field \'zip\' is not valid.','password','#password2','6','Password fields do not match.','password2','#password','6','Password fields do not match.');return document.MM_returnValue" accept-charset="iso-8859-1">

   <table width="426" align="center">

     <tr valign="baseline">

       <td width="177" align="right" nowrap><strong>Username:</strong></td>

       <td width="241"><input name="username" type="text" value="" size="20" maxlength="20"></td>


     <tr valign="baseline">

       <td nowrap align="right"><strong>Password:</strong> </td>

       <td><input name="password" type="password" value="" size="20" maxlength="20">

       (6 characters min.)</td>


     <tr valign="baseline">

       <td nowrap align="right"><strong>Retype Password:</strong></td>

       <td><input name="password2" type="password" id="password2" size="20" maxlength="20"></td>


     <tr valign="baseline">

       <td nowrap align="right"><strong>UPIN:</strong></td>

       <td><input name="UPIN" type="text" value="" size="10" maxlength="10"></td>


     <tr valign="baseline">

       <td nowrap align="right"><strong>First Name:</strong></td>

       <td><input name="first_name" type="text" value="" size="20" maxlength="20"></td>


     <tr valign="baseline">

       <td nowrap align="right"><strong>Last Name:</strong></td>

       <td><input name="last_name" type="text" value="" size="20" maxlength="20"></td>


     <tr valign="baseline">

       <td nowrap align="right"><strong>Email:</strong></td>

       <td><input name="email" type="text" value="" size="30" maxlength="30"></td>


     <tr valign="baseline">

       <td nowrap align="right"><strong>Phone:</strong></td>

       <td><input name="phone" type="text" value="" size="12" maxlength="12"></td>


     <tr valign="baseline">

       <td nowrap align="right"><strong>Street:</strong></td>

       <td><input name="street" type="text" value="" size="40" maxlength="40"></td>


     <tr valign="baseline">

       <td nowrap align="right"><strong>Street 2:</strong></td>

       <td><input name="street_2" type="text" value="" size="40" maxlength="40"></td>


     <tr valign="baseline">

       <td nowrap align="right"><strong>City:</strong></td>

       <td><input name="city" type="text" value="" size="25" maxlength="25"></td>


     <tr valign="baseline">

       <td nowrap align="right"><strong>State:</strong></td>


         <select name="state" id="state" onChange="MM_validateForm('username','','R','UPIN','','R','first_name','','R','last_name','','R','email','','RisEmail','phone','','R','street','','R','city','','R','zip','','R','password','','R');return document.MM_returnValue">


           <option selected value="AL">Alabama

           <option value="AK">Alaska

           <option value="AS">American Samoa

           <option value="AZ">Arizona

           <option value="AR">Arkansas

           <option value="CA">California

           <option value="CO">Colorado

           <option value="CT">Connecticut

           <option value="DE">Delaware

           <option value="DC">District of Columbia

           <option value="FL">Florida

           <option value="GA">Georgia

           <option value="GU">Guam

           <option value="HI">Hawaii

           <option value="ID">Idaho

           <option value="IL">Illinois

           <option value="IN">Indiana

           <option value="IA">Iowa

           <option value="KS">Kansas

           <option value="KY">Kentucky

           <option value="LA">Louisiana

           <option value="ME">Maine

           <option value="MD">Maryland

           <option value="MA">Massachusetts

           <option value="MI">Michigan

           <option value="MN">Minnesota

           <option value="MS">Mississippi

           <option value="MO">Missouri

           <option value="MT">Montana

           <option value="NE">Nebraska

           <option value="NV">Nevada

           <option value="NH">New Hampshire

           <option value="NJ">New Jersey

           <option value="NM">New Mexico

           <option value="NY">New York

           <option value="NC">North Carolina

           <option value="ND">North Dakota

           <option value="MP">Northern Mariana Islands

           <option value="OH">Ohio

           <option value="OK">Oklahoma

           <option value="OR">Oregon

           <option value="PA">Pennsylvania

           <option value="PR">Puerto Rico

           <option value="RI">Rhode Island

           <option value="SC">South Carolina

           <option value="SD">South Dakota

           <option value="TN">Tennessee

           <option value="TX">Texas

           <option value="UT">Utah

           <option value="VT">Vermont

           <option value="VI">Virgin Islands

           <option value="VA">Virginia

           <option value="WA">Washington

           <option value="WV">West Virginia

           <option value="WI">Wisconsin

           <option value="WY">Wyoming




     <tr valign="baseline">

       <td nowrap align="right"><strong>Zip:</strong></td>

       <td><input name="zip" type="text" value="" size="10" maxlength="10"></td>


     <tr valign="baseline">

       <td colspan="2" align="right"><div align="center">

           <p class="style6">Terms and Conditions: The information I submit on Power Mobility Detailed Order forms are accurate to the best of my knowledge and the signature I provide after printing the Power Mobility Detailed Order is applicable for all documents submitted. </p>



     <tr valign="baseline">

       <td colspan="2" align="right" nowrap><div align="center">

           <input name="agree" type="checkbox" id="agree" onClick="YY_checkform('form1','agree','#q','1','Please agree to the terms and conditions before proceeding.');return document.MM_returnValue" value="agree">

           <strong> I agree </strong></div></td>


     <tr valign="baseline">

       <td nowrap align="right">&nbsp;</td>

       <td><input name="register" type="submit" id="register" value="register"></td>




   <input type="hidden" name="hdwuploadfolder" id="hdwuploadfolder" value="database">

   <input type="hidden" name="hdwtablename" id="hdwtablename" value="harvey_registration">

   <input type="hidden" name="hdwok" id="hdwok" value="thankyou_registration_med.php">

   <input type="hidden" name="hdwemail" id="hdwemail" value="">

   <input type="hidden" name="hdwnook" id="hdwnook" value="error.php">

   <input type="hidden" name="MM_insert" value="form1">


 <p align="center"><em><strong>You may need to Refresh the page for it to work (Ctrl + R). </strong></em></p>






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