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root password locked, need root password recovery without shutting down to single user


This is urgent.  

I need to login as root to my Itanium HP-UX urgently to collect/copy
some data which is owned by root:sys.

The root password seemed locked & when I go to the physical
console to login, it does not prompt me for new password at
all but only says :

Account is disabled - see Account Administrator

A friend thinks it's possible to connect up to the serial DB9 port
on the server to reset the root password.  It prompted for MX
login but I don't even know what's the id/password for this as
I just took over from a colleague who left
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Correction : it's MP login.

I heard I need to invoke some sort of SAM utility after login to
this service processor on serial port to activate back root

I can't shutdown to single user as system is production
if it is locked down you could try the following:
Remove or disconnect all bootable devices from the system, including all LAN cables. When the box tries to boot, there will be no bootable devices and it will jump to the boot admin menu where you can turn off the special code to not allow boot interrupts. Then power off the unit, reconnect the disks and LANs, and boot up again, now interrupting the boot process.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:

Also, this is a trusted computing server ie /etc/shadow is
not there.
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:

The suggestion given by url below won't work as it's not an ordinary account that
I'm trying to reactivate & also I can't even login as root at the
physical console - need something at the MP login to do this.

sunhuxAuthor Commented:

I could now get past the MP login using factory default id & password.

Now what to do next to recover the OS root password?
sunhuxAuthor Commented:

I can't disconnect cables etc, this is a running production server & I can only bring it
down over the weekend but even then, it's not going to be proper shutdown - have
to do abrupt power off / on, right?

Below is the MP screen shot, what to do next?  :

MP login: admin      |        
MP password: ********                    

       Hewlett-Packard Integrated Lights-Out HP Integrity and HP 9000        
| system, or in the course of system mai                  

    (c) Copyright Hewlett-Packard Company 1999-2006.  All Rights Reserved.            |                                                            

                              Revision E.03.30tem expressly consents to such monitoring  |  

                         MP ACCESS IS NOT SECURE
 Default MP users are currently configured and remote access is enabled.            
  Modify default users passwords or delete default users (see UC command)

         CO: Console---                
        VFP: Virtual Front Panel                                
         CM: Command Menu      

* This system is
         CL: Console Lognly authorised users are
         SL: Show Event Logs                            
         HE: Main Help Menu
          X: Exit Connection

[mp001a4b0aabeb] MP> CO

        (Use Ctrl-B to return to MP main menu.)

- - - - - - - - - - Prior Console Output - - - - - - - - - -
.............. (complete)
loading symbol table
loading System Directory (boot.sys) to MFS
loading MFSFILES directory (bootfs) to MFS
Launching /stand/vmunix
SIZE: Text:30730K + Data:7146K + BSS:5380K = Total:43257K

- - - - - - - - - - - - Live Console - - - - - - - - - - - -
sunhuxAuthor Commented:

Thanks Psychotes but it looks like we still need to reboot the server using
the method given.  HP has called me back to say I will need to reboot & 
there's no way to recover without shutting to single user or reboot.

well, well, that's the problem with too secure a system
that's too bad to hear...I tried looking for more options, but I cannot seem to find any solutions. I guess if the technical support of HP also says to reboot then the chance of finding another solution would be small....

anyway good luck!!
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
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