USB ports skype crash using webcam

Hello, I am so confused I am not too sue did I get a virus or something. I was using yahoo messenger, then could no longer use my webcam on that as when i plugged in the webcam it would no longer find it. I then tested the cam on skype by opening skype, going to options, and as soon as I click the webcam option in the options panel skype crashs. I get this error.

AppName: skype.exe       AppVer:       ModName: p1110vfw.dll
ModVer:       Offset: 000015cb

When I go to Control panel >> system >> hardware >> device manager and see where my Universal Serial Bus Controlers listed I see the following.

Intel(R) 82801CA/CAM USB universal Host Controller - 2482
Intel(R) 82801CA/CAM USB universal Host Controller - 2484
USB Root Hub
USB Root Hub

What confuses me is the above mentions CAm even when I reboot my pc and not have a webcam installed. I have 3 USB ports on this laptop.

CAn any one advise as to how I can get my webcam back up and running.



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Jk387Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Well first of all the CAM in the name is not referring to any web cam so you don't have to worry about your web cam being bad.  What that is, is your USB driver name.  You may just need to update the drivers... you can get them here
The behavior that your describing is usually attributed to one of two things.  Either your mother board usb ports got hosed or you have a virus.  And judging by the fact that Skype all the sudden freezes up and crashes.  i'd say you have a virus.  Run a virus scan and see if that comes up with anything.  If not try uninstalling and reinstalling Skype and install those updated drivers.  Hope this helps.
thatelvisAuthor Commented:
thank you jk,

how do you mean "usb ports got hosed"


It's possible a static shock or even a good bang while the PC is on could have disrupted the circuts on the board and for whatever reason the USB ports always seem to be the most delicate.  Also you may have had something in the usb port and bent it by accident which will do the same thing and that's normally the cause... believe me it's not that hard to do i did it a couple months back to my mobo and i swear i maybe pulled the usb key out on 1 degree angle, i have no idea how that would break it but such is life.  So by "hosed" i mean broken.  After re-reading your post, i am now convinced you either have some kind of driver issues or the usb ports are indeed bad.  I must of misread the part about skype freezing only when you went to access the USB ports.  I would try to find all the latest drivers to your motherboard and your chipset and anything else for that matter.  If that doesn't help go into control panel... system... click the hardware tab... click device manager.  Some where in that lsit should be Universal serial bus controller.  Expand that tab and if you see yellow symbols with the icons then that means they are encountering problems.  Regardless click on all of them and click the driver tab and click update driver.  You may want to check that out even before you go searching for drivers but as good for good practise you always want to have the latest drivers.  Let me know how all that goes.
thatelvisAuthor Commented:
JK Hi yea,
I beleieve I got it,

When I did control alt del to see what was running on my pc I seen P1110cfg.exe, this was somethign I had not seen running before. I then popped into my windows dir and seen P1110cfg.exe P1110CFG.exe, P1110cfg_backed_up_from_orig.exe (somethign like _backed_up_from_orig I forget sorry), any way I could see by the 10 odd that were there with the extra wibble on the end had dates from last week.

all in all I deleted all with the extra wibbleb on the end and kept the P1110cfg.exe along with some of thes others whos date had not been changed in a few months.

all in all i think yea i had some kinda sneaky virus that had updated some files, i dont have enough word power or brains to explain. but it was a virus, i did do a norton and avg, also s&d but nothing showed. but by deleting the files myself all is well and working.

i do believe when ever my webcam was on that the person seing me on the other side would only see me for about 30 seconds then i believe my webcam was been transfered else where, lol maybe i am paranoid but this is what it seemed like

this is all very strange.

thanks for everything


thatelvisAuthor Commented:
it was a virus
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