Access Right Grant for Shadow on Citrix

Any idea how to grant a user with shadow right to access other user's session. I have create a account that is the local administrator of the server, and the administrator on Citrix. However, it pop up with error "Shadown failed. Error code 5" when try to shadow another session. If I grant this account with domain admin, it work.

Is there any alternative way to fix it, as I don't want to grant the domain admin to this account ?

I'm using Citrix PS 4.5.

Many thanks.
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bigpabConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can assign shadow permissions through citrix policies.  I would create a group in your active directory called something like citrix shadowers and then create a policy within your citrix farm to allow that group to shadow users
LKaushalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Login to PSC (Presentation Server Console) --> Policies --> Create Policy --> Create a Policy e,g shadow --> Right click on new created Policy --> go to Propertes --> User Workspaces --> Shadowing -1.   Under 'Configuration' enable it
2.   Under 'Permission' tab --> select 'Enable' --> then 'Configure' to select the users (Shadow administrator).

Now click ok and save Policy --> Again Right click on it and select 'Apply this Policy to' --> select 'Users' --> select the Users/Group to whom you want to shadow (Shadow User).

So Now 'Shadow Administrators' can shadow 'Shadow users'.
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