How do I make Internet Explorer 7.0 open a new tab rather than a new browser window when I click a link on a website or email?

I have just upgraded to IE 7.0.  Previously I used IE 6 plus Avant.  Avant adds tabs for every new website and never starts a new browser window, which is good.  IE 7.0 seems to want to open a new broswer window every time I click a link on a website or in an email.  It's very irritating!  I have looked all through Internet options for the answer, and have looked on Google.
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kanalQkoConnect With a Mentor Technical Support EngineerCommented:
use a wheel button on your mouse, click with wheel at link and it will open new tab, it`s working not only in IE but it also works in Firefox, Opera, etc...
You can right click the Hyperlink and choose open in a new tab.

Hope this helps.
Nomally a webmaster configures his links with ' target="_blank" '. Then the link opens in a new tab.
dlznetAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  That does it for me in one click.
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