XP Very slow logon speed. Services?

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We have a MS SBS 2000 server domain and several XP Pro workstations (SP3).
One of the laptops has a specific problem that it takes around 3 mins to logon once the user has entered his password at login screen.
I have tried a lot of things, mainly suspecting it being a DNS issue as this is the common problem.

Heres a summary of what I've tried so far!
-Defrag the Hard Drive
-Remove HP Credentials Manager software
-Cleanup unused services
-Run Bootvis to optimise bootup
-Clean up temp files
-Upgrade to XP SP3
-Reinstall both Network Cards with latest drivers
-Run Chkdsk
-Disable "Network location awareness" service
-Check HOSTS file
-Unplug LAN and enable WIFI, logon. Runs faster on WIFI!
-Startup machine with all USB devices removed
-Run antivirus and spyware scans
-Disable Sophos antivirus, check speed, re-enable
-Disable Windows firewall
-Run hijackthis and check for any suspect files
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chrismanncalgavinConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Followup! I have managed to solve the problem myself...

The issue lay with the "Web Client" service, which while slowly going through each service and stopping them to eliminate the problem, I happened to come across. The service status was "Stopping", and this puzzled me.
When looking into it more, there seems a lot of people with similar problems related to the WebClient service in Windows.
One recommendation I found was to Disable this altogether as per Microsoft article:

This did not solve the problem, still slow logon timing out.
So what I did was to Uninstall the "Client for Microsoft Networks" and the "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" from the Network Connections. Then I uninstalled all network adapters using Device Manager in Safe Mode.
Once restarted, the system reinstalled the network cards and I manually reinstalled both the above network services.

Lo and behold on startup, no more hanging and much quicker logon. Also noted that the Web Client service was now shown as "Started"!

Thanks for all the help.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
You mention you suspect a DNS issue which would be my thought as well but I don't see mention of it being addressed in your list.
Make sure the PC points ONLY to the SBS for DNS. i.e. make sure the ISP's DNS is not added even as an alternate/secondary.
chrismanncalgavinAuthor Commented:
Sorry I failed to mention this.
The DNS setting points to only the SBS server, as all the IP settings are obtained with DHCP as per all the other 15 computers here.
I did try manually setting the IP and DNS settings to a Static IP, to no avail.

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chrismanncalgavinAuthor Commented:
What I would like, is some way to monitor all the services as they start up (before the login screen) to see which one is taking the CPU resources and thereforce taking so long to start.

I am unable to gain anything looking at the Event log.

Is there a way to monitor all Service startup times ?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
You can monitor processes using the Sysinternals tools such as process monitor and file mon, but only after logon:

Is there any difference when doing so with the network cable disconnected?
One diagnostic procedure is to stop all 'extra' services and applications from running at start up using msconfig. If it makes a difference re-enable the services one by one until you find the culprit.
if you are using roaming user profiles, could you try renaming the local user profile in documents and settings and getting the user to log in again(ths downloading a fresh copy of teh profile?

does this effect other users using that laptop?
If your using a domain, try a local logon and see if that helps?

does yoru user work on other workstations? do they have large files on teh desktop (part of teh profile and thus copied everytime the user logs on)?

have you tried booting in safemode with networking support, and logging on. does teh issue still exsist?
chrismanncalgavinAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments.
Well I do not use Roaming profiles, so we can rule that out.
The problem also occurs with ANY user that logs on, be it LOCAL or DOMAIN.

The hanging / slowdown happens before the login screen so if you boot the machine and leave it for 10 minutes, then come back and logon it will go straight though with no problem.

The user only uses this one workstation.

If I boot in Safemode WITHOUT networking it starts fine, but with networking it is also slow.
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