0xC000006D Error running scheduled task

Trying to run a scheduled task but it continually fails.  Running filemon to see if there is anything not going through and receive
mtask.exe 796  open  UNC string to Application across network reulsts are the 0xC000006D Options: Open Access: execute

Has anyone seen this before

Moved server to new domain and all tasks failed after that.  Re created the tasks with new "Logon as Batch" username and credentials and task still fail.  

125 points refunded.
~sirbounty, zape
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OSIadminConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Sorry about not leaving a better explained solution, was a busy day:

The workaround involved modifying the GPO to allow a specific Domain user to be the Local Admin of the server and also login as batch user. The username exists in both Domains and uses the same password and has the proper rights in both of the directories that it needs to work in.
The scheduled task now runs without an error.

Again sorry for the weak initial solution and thanks for your help
how's your task setup?
Anything in your \windows\SchedLgU.Txt file?
OSIadminAuthor Commented:
"DB-Prod-Grap.job" (DB-Prod-Graph.exe) 6/12/2008 9:11:28 AM ** ERROR **
      Unable to start task.
      The specific error is:
      0xc0000022: (Unable to find an error message)
      Try using the Task page Browse button to locate the application.

The Task is using a domain user that has Log on as Batch Job right from a group policy.  The task is calling an executable from a UNC path on another server.  

The task ran without issue on the other domain, when we switched the server from an nt4 domain to a 2003 domain, the tasks all failed.
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And you're running this on a 2k server, or 2k3?

Try scheduling it with the command-line tool:

schtasks /create /ru DOMAIN\USERNAME /rp PASSWORD /sc DAILY /st 09:00:00 /tn TEST /tr "\\SERVER\SHAREDFOLDER\FILENAME.EXE"
(Obviously changing the items in all-caps as appropriate)

Open in new window

OSIadminAuthor Commented:
Its running on a Win2k box
And did you try what I suggested?
OSIadminAuthor Commented:
not yet have not had a chance
OSIadminAuthor Commented:
Used a workaround to get the error to go away.
Can you elaborate on the workaround?
And can you respond if you ever even attempted my suggestion?
OSIadminAuthor Commented:
I tried your suggestion with the same results that i had before the scheduled task did not run.  
For the future though I found setting up the tasks per your suggestion to be much easier than the wizard.

Thanks for the help
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