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Temporary Roaming Profile Won't Delete

I have a WinXP Pro machine in a Win2003 domain with roaming profiles.  A users roaming profile apparently became corrupt and their local XP machine created a new temporary profile (In the profile list it shows as Roaming with a status of Temporary).
I deleted their stored profile on the server and was able to create a fresh profile for them using another machine, but their own machine refuses to get rid of the "temporary" profile, and therefore never grabs the new profile from the server.
I am unable to delete the profile through the system applet.  According to online resources, it's supposed to delete itself when you log off - but that hasn't happened.
I've tried deleting the files related to it under Documents and Settings, but there must be stuff in the registry too, because it still shows up in the profile list in the system applet.
I've also tried the delprof utility, but it doesn't even look at temporary profiles, so it didn't help.
What can I do?  Is there a way to manually delete this profile from the registry?
I'm assuming that if I can get rid of this temp profile, it will pull the new roaming profile from the server and we'll be good again.
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Just a thought, but have you tried to delete the profile from Safe Mode?
Also, have you gone through Exlporer as the Local Administrator and renamed the profile to something like profilename_old and then attempted to delete it?
dalevvAuthor Commented:
I can delete the entire folder structure for this user located under Documents and Settings, but if I go into the User Profiles in the System applet, it still appears there.  That makes me believe there is some sort of list in the registry.  
I have not tried safe mode yet, but I'm not optimistic.  When I try to delete the profile through the User Profiles page, it's not that it gets an error, it simply has the "delete" option grayed out.  From what I've read, that is normal behavior for a temporary profile.
The user is getting some work done right now, so I'm going to look at it again in about an hour.
If you restart then log into the local system as an administrator (before anyone else logs into the system) you can go into Documents and Settings and delete the profile.

The User Profiles applet is looking for the folder structure and so once you delete it the system should automaticall re-download the repaired profile.
dalevvAuthor Commented:
The User Profiles applet MUST be looking at something more than the directory structure in Documents and Settings.  I can delete the entries from Documents and Settings without a problem, but the names still show up in User Profiles.
I did, however, find a solution.  I downloaded and installed the "User Profile Hive Cleaner" utility from Microsoft. It's a service that runs and does some magic to make sure that when you log off there isn't any process running that might hold onto your profile.  This is intended to allow it to go back to the server OK.  In my case it seemed to do the trick in letting that Temp profile disappear.  I actually used it sucessfully on two computers!  Yeah!
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