Registry value (or file) that contains OS version

I am a software tester, and I have a software program that was built for Windows XP and specifically looks for XP SP2 when it installs.  If it does not find XP or SP2, the front-end installer program stops the install.  This program will eventually make its way to Windows Vista, so my goal is this:

I'd like to "trick" this front-end installer into thinking it is on Windows XP SP2, so that the program at least attempts to install itself.  I realize the implications of doing this, but I'd like to attempt it anyway.

So my question is:  does anyone have any insight into where in the registry (or a file) that applications usually query to find out the current version?  I've searched through the Vista registry for any instance of XP or the current OS build number (got the build number by running winver on an XP machine) and changed all of these to reflect an XP build.  Is there a program out there that does this?  I've also ran the installer in compatibility mode.  

Any ideas?
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ctstone14Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Found the problem... all I had to do was edit the MSI package with Orca, and take out everything in the LaunchConditions table.  I also took out another prerequisite function.  Thanks for all the replies, they put me on the right track.
ctstone14--You say your program looks for XP or XP SP2.  Would not that mean the program already knows where to look?
Just thinking out loud.  Maybe the program is not looking for a description of the OS, but rather if certain directories and files are to be found.
you may find the true version here,
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\CurrentVersion
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ctstone14Author Commented:
Yes it does know where to look but I'd like to know where that is... I haven't been able to trick it into thinking it's on XP SP2.  I could be wrong, but I don't think it's going and looking at file and folder structures...
ctstone14Author Commented:
MaduKp -

I've tried changing that registry entry to relect XP SP2... no luck.
found this , some ways of detecting the what is the actual operation system.

Hope this wil heklps you. But it seems to be tricking the software installer  is kind of hard work. sometimes software may be dtect your os by windows installer itself.
ctstone14Author Commented:
I've used compatibility mode for this program... it still says it need XP SP2.
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