Remote Desktop does not open when logging into computer on list in Remote Web Workplace

Suddenly when we log into Remote Web Workplace, we get to the menu where we can see the list of client machines to into... and we click on the computer, we hit connect, and the desktop of the client does not come up now. The remote mail works just fine though.

I can vpn into the network and remote desktop to the individual machines..... something in sbs is not forwarding it anymore to the specified machine properly.

The users have gotten used to connecting to their desktops this way and it would be nice to fix it somehow.

Any ideas?
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) Check the 3 event logs

2) CHeck for any router changes ( port forwarding of RWW and any additional ports )

3) ANy network changes ?

I hope this helps !
BryceRichertAuthor Commented:
After further investigation it appear it is only occuring to Vista and XP sp3 installations.
BryceRichertAuthor Commented:
.. oh.. and I've checked event logs.. there are no router changes or network changes.
BryceRichertAuthor Commented:
added a proxy to trusted sites
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