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Latency Issues with Citrix Presentation Server Desktop

I have a single server in a domain running Presentation Server 4.5.  It is used mostly for attorneys working away from then office and 2 employees who live out of state and work full time in Citrix.  I have 1 other user, a law clerk, who uses Citrix Desktop within the local network (laptop he is using cannot handle the apps they use).

Everything seems to work great for the 2 remote users who are working in Citrix full time until the 1 local user connects.  Once he is connected and working, the remote users experience significant latency issues, especially in MS Office apps.  Just to run a test, I configured the server for Terminal Server access as well.  If the local users is at the office working in Citrix, the remote users have lateny issues.  HOWEVER, if the remote users switch to RDP, it works flawlessly, no matter who is logged in.

I can't and don't want to leave RDP open as an option and would like some suggestions on what could cause 1 user logged in to almost kill the sessions of the other users.  The local user is not running anything special or different that anyone else.  Server is a ver beefy dual quad core Xeon with 4 GB ram and plenty of drive space.
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Sounds to me more like a glitch than a resource drain...  However, if this one user is knacking the disks, it could feed through.

Can you confirm local user is running up to date (or known reliable) ICA client - you running web or NN ?

Any info from perf mon info on the server ?
Scott AndersonPrincipal Support EngineerCommented:
Have you done any performance metrics to compare what's going on with the server when the Local user is on/not on the Citrix server?  You had mentioned that the Law Clerk's laptop "can't handle the apps they use"... Is there an app that he's using that nobody else is using and is "Flogging" your server?  Also, how is the Local user connecting to the Citrix box:  WebInterface, Program Neighborhood...?
timbone101Author Commented:
All users are connecting via Program neighborhood.  THe Law CLerk is not running anything that the other users dont use.  I igues it is not so much of the laptop not being able to handle the apps as it is a security issue as well.  The Partners dont want the firm software loaded on the laptop because I think it is the clerk's personal system.
Event logs dont show anything except your typical printer errors for printers on the local system that cannot be mapped via citrix.  Had not thought of updating the client software.  WIll try that first.
timbone101Author Commented:
I updated the client software and still had the problem.  Strange things is when I look at the process monitor on the server when the local user connects, I dont see anything out of whack.  We gave him a desktop with local access to the domain so he would not have to use Citrix and all is well now.  Any other ideas before I close this question?
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