How to recover unidentified memory card

Is there any software (non-Windows) that can access an SD Card plugged into USB but is not identified?
(BIOS shows the card plugged in and the internal card reader lights, but Windows does not assign a drive letter and there is no "New hardware found" routine taking place when the card is inserted)
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you never told me it was tested with other readers, and on other PC's, so you cannot be sure the card is still ok (= readable)
if it is bad, NO software will help
Does that card work in any other readers?
I've seen readers that wouldn't pick up the card unless it was inserted 'briskly'...

When was the last time dust was blown/vacuumed out of the card reader slots?

It shouldn't necessarily give the 'new hardware found' routine, but if the card's detected the 'autorun' scanning should take place, and then the Removable Disk dialog should open asking what function you'd like it to perform... and the 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon should appear in the notification area (nee System Tray).
On mine Windows assigns the drive letter to the card reader slot, not the card.
Works the same as a floppy disk and drive.
Drive gets the letter. Disk doesn't.
Slot gets the letter. Card doesn't.

No 'new hardware found' routine when changing cards.

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first you must verify that the card is ok -  test it in your  and other readers or devices
updating the driver can help
here some recovery soft :
Oyster55Author Commented:
Clarification: The card works in NO reader while in Windows - at best the slot's light comes on, but there is nothing detected and when you check the Safely Remove Hardware applet and turn on the Device Properties; you can see which drive letter the internal or external card reader has assigned for the SD memory card. - and nothing is there. When you double click the assigned letter in Windows Explorer, you get "Please Insert Disk" message.

So, this is NOT a logical drive problem, as 99.999999% of the software you can find is for. (Even when they say their software works with "inaccessible media" they really mean "logically inaccessible"). I was hoping for a non-Windows bootable application that can possibly scan the hardware device for data - because it is physically inaccesible in Windows.
then it is probably bad  - and unrecoverable by normal software
you can contact a recovery service  like :      
So are there pictures on it you really want to recover?

It seems like we're missing some info here... is it a new card you got (some used to require formatting before their first use), or it got left on the dash in the sun, dropped in a cup of coffee, or what?

Does it show up in your camera?
Oyster55Author Commented:
There are pictures and movies on the SD card, and the camera only shows it as 'locked" - but the lock slider is not in the locked position. And no trauma was applied. It just decided to stop being an SD card!
There is a lock slider on the side similar to what floppy disks used to have.
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