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Posted on 2008-06-12
Last Modified: 2013-12-01
I have an error shown in event viewer from my exchange 2003 server recently.  The error show almost very 15 minutes in the system log.  "Event ID 117, source: adpu160m.  The driver for device  \Device\Scsi\adpu160m6 detected a port timeout due to prolonged inactivity.  all associated busses were reset in an effort to clear the condition"  I thought this the problem with Adaptect SCSI controller driver that I use for my tape backup drive which connected directly to this server.  I have 3 SCSI cotrollers in this server and one is used for tape backup drive.  I have updated the driver for this controller and the error still occured.  The backup driver still runs fine everynight, the exchange is up and running fine.  However, the error is still shown almost every 15 minutes in the log.  I don't know how to solve this.  Does anybody see this message before and know how to solve it?  Please help.  Thanks
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I have seen the error before....And also found this while search:

It is possible one or more of the drives may have issues or may be failing.  Doublecheck and make sure that your drives are working properly.  Run the proper diagnostic tools, and make sure that you back up your crucial data.  With errors popping up, anything can be wrong.  Controller cards, raid arrays, drivers etc.  If any of those things should fail, you may have very limited chances of recovering any amount of data.  
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Sooo.....what resolved your problem?  Any why a B grade?  Did I not answer your question?  You didnt respond so I have no way to make the grade time please post some more information or respond to my comments.  It only helps.  

Here's a sniped from the EE help section:
Grade Fairly
It is your responsibility to manage your questions, and to close them, in due course. That doesn't mean you have to take the first answer that comes along if it doesn't resolve the issue, but it does mean that the Moderators pay attention to people who don't close their questions. The Moderators consider abandoning questions to be an "abuse of the points system" and grounds for suspension.

Grading at Experts Exchange is not like school. It's more like the "10-point Must" system in professional boxing; in other words, an answer is worth an A, unless it doesn't resolve your issue. If it requires you to do a little more research, or figure out one more piece of code, then it's worth a B. If you think it's not worth a B, the custom is to offer the Experts an opportunity to earn a better grade.

When you give a C, it shows up as part of your grading record. If you show a pattern of giving low grades, many Experts will simply avoid your questions. For more information about grading, please see the section regarding Closing Your Questions.

What is the right grade to give?
Although Experts Exchange uses an A-C scale here at Experts Exchange, it works differently than, say, school grades. If one or more Experts' proposals are accepted as answers, they should usually be given an A or B grade, since they have taken the time to provide you with a working solution. If a possible solution is incomplete, ask for clarification or details before accepting the answer and grading it. People should not be given lower grades because of incorrect grammar or because you just accepted their answer or comment to close the question. The following is a good guideline to follow when grading:

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D: This grade can only be given by Moderators and Zone Advisors.
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How do Points work with the grade?
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A = 4 times the question points
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The points you offer for a question are what you think the question is worth; they are not the "value" of the answer. For instance, you may want a very simple question answered very quickly; one way to get your question attended to is to offer more points for it -- but it's still a simple question.

I'm not really complaining but it is nice to know what has helped and what hasn't.  Realize your grade can show how well an answer may have helped.  If it worked...then the A should reflect that the problem was solved.  B maybe you had to do some more work on your own but help us help you....We dont know if you dont ask or dont tell.  Thanks.

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No, I know you are not complaining.  I may not understand completely the grading system here.  To be honest, I already did all what you suggested (including upgrade SCSI driver and firmward) because I posted the question.  All the test results came back with no error.  That is why I posted the question in hoping to find another thoughts, ideas, or answers.  Here is what I did after receiving response from you.  I moved the tape drive to different server, completely remove SCSI from that server and the error went away.  So, the answer is the SCSI controller had issue.  I apologized for not repsonding to your answer ( just too busy last week)  Part of your answer helped resolving the issue.  Thank you very much.  What should I do to change the grade?  Please let me know.
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Thats ok...I dont need the grade changed! :)  Just when you post a grade especially less than an A....try to back it up with reasoning!  Which you just did! Thank you.  Also it helps when someone else who is having similar problems if not the SAME problem they can follow what you've learned and what you've dont to fix! :)  Again thanks!

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