Can I install virtual machine additions on Fedora 9? If so - how?

I would like to install virtual machine additions on Fedora 9.
Please dont respond saying it is not supported.
I know that - Is there a work around?
New to linux so please give detailed answer.
i'm running the copy of fedora 9 on the latest version of virtual server 2005
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Kelv1979Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd say that it's unfortunately not possible at the moment then, sorry.
Depends what os you want to run. You can run linux with uml -
jscan2005Author Commented:
I am running ms server 2003.
I am running virtual server 2005 on it
I have a working fedora 9 system on it.
i'm just wondering if i can install ms virtual additions on it - and how?
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It's not on the list of supported Linux OSes but you might still give it a go. See for more info
I have a box running Fedora 6 that is running VMWare Workstation just fine...  There's only one catch with installing VMWare on Fedora--there's a problem in VMWare's installer where it looks for installed items that are there, but it doesn't find them properly.  This causes VMWare's networking module to fail.  There is a patch that you need to run to allow VMWare's networking module (vmnet) to install properly.  the Google Groups vmkernelnewbies has info and the tarball containing the patch in question:
jscan2005Author Commented:
Kelv1979: I had tried that to no avail
guitarist5377: You mis-read the question

jscan2005Author Commented:
Thanks anyway - maybe sometime in the future   :)
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