Dinamically adding multiple identities (hostnames) to a IIS WebSite

Posted on 2008-06-13
Last Modified: 2013-12-17
Hi, below is a part of a code to create a new IIS website on C#.
The code works perfectly.
I need to put multiple identities on the "ServerBindings" property.
I want that the website will be available on 2 hostnames ( and

I tried to do:
site.Invoke("Put", "ServerBindings", string.Format(":80:{0},:80:www.{0}", website_name));
(to put the website_name and www.website_name port 80)
like the way that I see on the MetaBase Explorer (IIS resource kit) but it doesn't work.
DirectoryEntry site = (DirectoryEntry)root.Invoke("Create", "IIsWebServer", random_site_id);

site.Invoke("Put", "ServerComment", website_name);

site.Invoke("Put", "KeyType", "IIsWebServer");

site.Invoke("Put", "ServerBindings", string.Format(":80:{0}", website_name));

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Question by:giligatech
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can't speak much about c#, but from what I can tell you are trying to treat the serverbindigs property like a plain string(?)

This property is actually an array of strings, so you will need to first retrieve the existing array, then append the new value and then set that new array back to the property.

Cheers,  Mike.

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any document i could see and use?
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Accepted Solution

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I can offer these bits of code.  The first script simply lists the web site properties as an xml formatted page.  Call it like this:


(where server is the name of the web server, and siteid is the site ID from the metabase)

Use this script as input to write data into your html form - they are output as a comma delimited string like:


the second script takes the serverbindings array from a form field named "" and writes it to the metabase.  The url is the same format as above (e.g. http://webserver/path/updatehostheaders.asp?server=localhost&siteid=1)

hope that helps a bit.

=== script 1: displayweb.asp ============================================

<%@ Language=VBScript %><%

on error resume next

Dim objW3SVC, objSITE, strOUT

Set objW3SVC = GetObject("IIS://" & CStr(Request.QueryString("server")) & "/W3SVC")

If (Err <> 0) Then FatalErr

query = Request.QueryString("siteid")

'Check Global Properties.


<%	'Walk through the metabase, and pick out web servers only.

	For Each objSITE in objW3SVC


	If objSITE.class = "IIsWebServer" Then 

    If = query Then



<description><%= objSITE.ServerComment %></description>


	    set ServerRoot = GetObject("IIS://" & CStr(Request("server")) & "/w3svc/" & & "/ROOT")

	    If (Err <> 0) Then handleErr 

	    Response.Write serverRoot.Path 

        If (Err <> 0) Then handleErr 



      Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") 

      Set fold = fso.GetFolder(serverRoot.Path) 

      FormatNumberDemo = FormatNumber(fold.size, 2)

      If FormatNumberDemo < 999 then

      FormatNumberDemo = (Int(FormatNumberDemo * 100))/100 

      Response.Write FormatNumberDemo & " Bytes"

      ElseIf FormatNumberDemo < 999999 then

      FormatNumberDemo = (FormatNumberDemo/1000)

      FormatNumberDemo = (Int(FormatNumberDemo * 100))/100 

      Response.Write FormatNumberDemo & " Kilobytes"

      ElseIf FormatNumberDemo < 999999999 then

      FormatNumberDemo = (FormatNumberDemo/1000000)

      FormatNumberDemo = (Int(FormatNumberDemo * 100))/100 

      Response.Write FormatNumberDemo & " Megabytes"

      ElseIf FormatNumberDemo < 999999999999 then

      FormatNumberDemo = (FormatNumberDemo/1000000000)

      FormatNumberDemo = (Int(FormatNumberDemo * 100))/100 

      Response.Write FormatNumberDemo & " Gigabytes"

      End If

      set fold = nothing 

      set fso = nothing 


<adsipath><% = UCase("lm/w3svc/" & objSITE.Name) %></adsipath>

<logpath><% response.Write objSITE.LogFileDirectory & "\w3svc" & objSITE.Name

            If (Err <> 0) Then handleErr %></logpath>

<ntlmauth><% = IIf ((ServerRoot.AuthFlags and 4) = 4, "Yes", "No") %></ntlmauth>

<basicauth><% = IIf ((ServerRoot.AuthFlags and 2) = 2, "Yes", "No") %></basicauth>

<anonymoususer><% = objSITE.AnonymousUserName %></anonymoususer>

<anonymousaccess><% = IIf ((ServerRoot.AuthFlags and 1) = 1,"Yes","No") %></anonymousaccess>

<status><%  If (Err <> 0) Then handleErr

	if objSITE.ServerState = 1 then 

		Response.write "Starting"

	elseif objSITE.ServerState = 2 then

	      Response.write "Started"

	elseif objSITE.ServerState = 3 then

		Response.write "Stopping"

	elseif objSITE.ServerState = 4 then

		Response.write "Stopped"

	elseif objSITE.ServerState = 5 Then

		Response.write "Pausing"

	elseif objSITE.ServerState = 6 then

		Response.write "Paused"

	elseif objSITE.ServerState = 7 then

		Response.write "Continuing"


		Response.Write "unknown"

	end if


<defaultdocs><% = serverRoot.DefaultDoc %></defaultdocs>


				For each port in objSITE.ServerBindings

				Response.Write port & ", "




	         set VirtualDirectory = GetObject("IIS://" & CStr(Request("server")) & "/w3svc/" & & "/ROOT")

	         For Each Item In VirtualDirectory

	         Response.Write Item.Name & ","



<maxupload><% = serverRoot.AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed %></maxupload>


	End If

	End If


Set objW3SVC = nothing

Set objSITE = nothing

Set strOUT = nothing



=== script 2: updatehostheaders.asp ============================================

<%@ Language=VBScript %>


on error resume next

siteid = Request.QueryString("siteid")

servername = Request.QueryString("server")

NewSB = Request.form("HostHeaders")

IPAddr = Request.form("ServerIPAddress")

dim arrStr

dim theStr

arrStr = Split(NewSB,",")

Dim aryBindings()

ReDim aryBindings( Ubound(arrStr) )

for i=0 to Ubound(arrStr)

	aryBindings(i)= IPAddr & ":80:" & arrStr(i)


Set objComp = GetObject("IIS://" & servername & "/W3SVC/" & siteid)

	objComp.ServerBindings = aryBindings


If (Err <> 0) Then handleErr 

Set objComp = nothing

Sub FatalErr

	strOUT	= "Fatal Error " & Hex(Err) &	" ( "

	strOUT	= strOUT & Err.Description & " ) occurred."

	Response.Write strOUT

End Sub


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