Exchange 2007 expired certificate

I am having the same problem described here: and have followed the solution to generate and enable a new certificate.

Yet, when I connect to the Exchange Server 2007 with Outlook 2007 I am still warned of the expired certificate and using the examine certificate feature shows me the same thumbprint of the certificate I thought I just renewed.

I was not sure if generating a new certificate required a server reboot, so I tried it anyway. Still have same error message.

I can see the new certificate in the MMC Certificates snap-in under Certificates (Local Computer) \ Personal \ Certificates. In fact, there are 4 and the get-exchangecertificate command returns their Thumbprints when I run it.
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wtstaddConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Load IIS Manager and use the Directory Security at that point. You can see what SSL Cert is currently on the machine and even change it from there. I can give you the Exchange Shell commands if you want, but IIS can do the same thing.
NewittsAuthor Commented:
It's amazing what a little lateral thinking can do for a problem.

The IIS method worked a treat. Thanks!
NewittsAuthor Commented:
Thank-you :-)
The solution was excellent.  Thanks.
What are the Exchange Shell commands, if you don't mind?
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