how to find the serial number of a Server/PC from Registry?

how to find the serial number of a Server/PC from Registry?
i need to find the serial # of many servers from registry without installing anything on the servers or PCs

is that possible?
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Hello AlliantTech,

It's not possible to find a Dell ServiceTag trough the registery (it is'nt stored there) but you can read it from the system's bios using the following VBScript.

Good luck!
strComputer = "." 
Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" _ 
& "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2") 
Set colSMBIOS = objWMIService.ExecQuery _ 
("Select * from Win32_SystemEnclosure") 
For Each objSMBIOS in colSMBIOS 
Wscript.Echo "Serial Number: " & objSMBIOS.SerialNumber 

Open in new window


i am not sure if this is applicableand if you are asking for Product Keys/ Licenses
this is a .exe file which you will run that on the system and it should display product keys you don't need to install it,

Try it on your system, extract the file and run the Keyfinder.exe.

Hope this helps.

AlliantTechAuthor Commented:
thanks for the respond
i guess i wasn't clear in my request
i need to find the physical serial # of the server, so i can check their warranty status on line

any help is appreciated

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Sorry about that,

What kind of systems do you have, for example with Dell systems you can go in to the BIOS and there you can read the service tag: which are the serial numbers for Dell systems.

I will try to find how to pull up the serial with exe scripts. or the same in the registry



This thread has a script to pull out the DELL details - does that help?
If you have a RSA (IBM0, or a RIB (HP) etc , installed.
Remote into it, and it list the model and serial number of the server.
Vendors display this info in different ways.  You need to sprcify the brand of servers and wkstations.  Too many possiblities otherwise.
just save it as filename.vbs and run, offcourse you can edit it to suit your needs, or even edit it so it actially saves the service tag in registery and put it in a logon script so at next logon, each computer will have a registery key with its servicetag.

(or let it save it somewhere else, on your server for example)
kadadi_vIT AdminCommented:
AlliantTechAuthor Commented:
this is exactly what i was lookign for
this is great
i can get the serial # of a server, without restarting it and goign to BIOS
thanks a lot for the help

Thanks and good luck :)
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