Sony VGN-S28GP notebook hard disk

Hi I have a Sony VGN-S28GP notebook which has a 60GB hard disk. I'm wondering whether i can replace it with a 160GB 2.5" IDE hard disk.
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MarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is the proper service manual for the VGN-S series. The above link is for the VGN-SZ series which is a different laptop model.
takenocoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the simple answer is yes you can... the original hard drive is ATA100 and 2.5" in width...
make recovery disk from the laptop if it doesn't come with one...

you might have trouble finding document on how to replace the hard drive tho...
sony laptop hard drive usually located under the keyboard or the palm rest...
Yes it will work.  Here's a step by step guide on how to get to your hard drive:

Click the NEXT button at the top to go through the steps.

Good luck!  Hope that helps!
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authen-tech... good site... it's under my bookmark now!!  =)
dandeliondreamAuthor Commented:
Hi sparkmaker, thanks it's very useful. I have yet to buy the hdd as I'm thinkinh of getting a bigger capacity hdd. Do you know what is the max. hdd size I can put in? Is the any website that can provide this information?
authen-techConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no limit to how big of a hard drive a computer or laptop can take.  It's as big as you want.  As long as it is ATA100 and 2.5" in width as the original was.  I would just go to your local computer store and purchase an ATA100 notebook hard drive.  It will work fine.  Sorry about the differences in the model above.  I was close!
As long as the laptop has a 48-bit LBA compatible BIOS, the use of a drive larger than 137Gb shouldn't be a problem.
You must also be running or installing XP with at least SP1 to get the 48-bit LBA compatibility on the OS side of things.
dandeliondreamAuthor Commented:
a note for readers.....i spent about 2 hours to replace the hard disk *sweat* but it's all worth it.

I've installed a 160GB hard disk IDE on my system but win xp pro SP3 on my system can only detect 137GB. There is no harm done, just unable to utilise my hard disk capacity.

This is possibly a  limitation of the BIOS using a 28 bit LBA rather than 48 bit LBA.
or a registry issue in XP;en-us;303013
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