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Citrix error when tring to connect to application

Out of the blue users are not able to connect to this servers applications. they get the error

"the remote server failed to execute the application launch request."

If I remote into the server via remote desktop, I can launch the application with no issues

using both pnagent ad the web interface.

This server is a 4.0 box in a 4.5 farm. Nothing has changed that I know of and like I said this was an out of the blue occurance.
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Craig RoberdsMISCommented:
If it's a published app, I have received this error when for whatever reason one app I had installed had a different folder setup then the other servers, i.e. \\Program Files\Office 11\Outlook\Outlook.exe and another server had the Outlook.exe in \\Program Files\Outlook\Office 11\Outlook\Outlook.exe, or something like that.  So you may want to be sure the executable path on the 4.0 box for whatever app is trying to run has the same path as the 4.5 box.
jimmy6154Author Commented:
Just double checked my path and both are the same
have you checked that all the Citrix services are started on that box? Also in citrix management console have you checked the resource manager for any errors shown?

I would check the obvious things like disk space, memory and CPu usage.

Let us know how you get on.

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jimmy6154Author Commented:
Form my access management console I see under the information part of the server

Trace Session state: not running

CPU is fine, memory if good and of tons of free drive space. Resource manager look fine as well.
Craig RoberdsMISCommented:
Try restarting you IMA service on that box.

If not, then perhaps try and uninstall and reinstall the app on that box.  
jimmy6154Author Commented:
Also just a not when I restart the citrix wmi service I get the following error in the event viewer:

Event Type:      Error
Event Source:      WSH
Event Category:      None
Event ID:      1
Date:            6/13/2008
Time:            10:23:54 AM
User:            N/A
Computer:      CTX4
Citrix Monitoring Script Event 2
Citrix MetaFrame Compute Event Rate:
Can't delete old instances:
      Received error: 0x800706ba: The RPC server is unavailable.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.
jimmy6154Author Commented:
restarting the IMA has no effect, and from what I can tell is error free. Also I can access the application locally with no issues using the pnagent so I think the application is fine
Craig RoberdsMISCommented:
The RPC server unavailable could be a number of things and is often hard to track down.

I would maybe try taking this server out of the domain and then re add it.  

The initial error with the app "the remote server failed to execute the application launch request" seemed to me to be an executable error (which is why I brought up the path), or a permission error, i.e. the user could not get to that folder.  But now I am wondering if it is a DNS error.  Is the executable for the program on a shared drive with a client installation of some sort on the citrix server?  Can you run the program from a citrix desktop (not rdp)?  
jimmy6154Author Commented:
I just stumpled upon the issue. I seems that an admin had set the XML services on the web interfaces with a 4.5 box having priority over this 4.0 box. I reversed the order and things worked again.

Anyone got a reasoning as to why that would be?

Also how do I distribute points on this type of situation...

thanks again guys for the help
Craig RoberdsMISCommented:
Glad you got it figured out.  Point distribution is up to you.  You can split it up amongst all or some, including yourself since you came up with the answer.
jimmy6154Author Commented:
I'll give them all to you since you answered the most... thanks again  for the help
I have this same issue...
the solution is not clear.  Any advise
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