Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Webpage.

When browsing to the following secure website,, Internet
Explorer gives me the following message: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. When
using Firefox, I can open the page fine.  The error in Internet Explorer happens on all PC's in
our subnet tested, 3, while using our proxy server or another subnets proxy server. If you use
our proxy server in another building (IE. another subnet), IE has worked on some PC's and has
not on others.  Below are the details of my test PC, our network, and the fixes I have tried.  I need to get Internet Explorer to be able to display this webpage.


Windows XP Professional SP2 in a Windows 2003 server native domain
Internet Explorer 7 (Happened with 6 then upgraded)
Proxy server is CentOS Linux 4
PC has no added toolbars and very little added SW
Using Windows Firewall
Using NAV
Each subnet has it's own DNS server
Ours has DNS and WINS servers (seperate servers)

Have tried other locations proxy server that works at there location

Have hit Reset on Advanced tab in IE Options, reseting IE to manufacturer defaults, which deletes all Add-Ons, temp internet files, history, etc.

Made sure SSL 2.0, 3.0 and TLS 1.0 are checked.

Tried checking and unchecking "Show friendly HTTP error messages"

Added site to "Trusted Sites"


(I'm sure I could give more details, but I need to get on with my work.)

Thank you all in advance for your help!
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello ktdancoff,

Troubleshoot Secure Web Sites in Windows XP;en-us;813444

Hope this helps!
ktdancoffAuthor Commented:
War1, thank you for the response, I have tried all items listed on the MS page except SFC /Scannow.  I am going to do that now, although I don't know that I will have much luck as the problem happens on 2 other PC's as well.

Thanks again.
You have register the files as suggested in the link?
Free Tool: IP Lookup

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ktdancoffAuthor Commented:
Yes, I had found that article and overlooked the SFC section, but did do the rest. I just re-regsitered them again though to be sure, tried it, nogo, rebooted, nogo.

I can get to other secure pages ok, just not this one.
ktdancoff--That page is coded in HTML and uses Javascript.  What are your IE Tools|Internet Options|Security tab settings?  If you use the slider use no higher than Medium-High.  If you use Custom Level, check your Scripting settings.  Most setting should be at Prompt or Enable except for
Allow status bar update via script
Allow websites to prompt for Information...
Those two can be at Disable.
And it would not hurt to check if you have the latest version of Jscript.
ktdancoffAuthor Commented:
jcimarron, thank you for the responce.  

On my test PC, i enabled all options in the Internet section of the security tab. nogo.

I also followed the link you sent and downloaded and installed  Windows Scripts 5.6 and rebooted, nogo.

A fellow Net Admin here thinks there may be somethig wrong with the certificate of the website. I have a calll in to the person responcible for maintaining the site to see if I can get the certificate to install it.
ktdancoff--I was able to access the site, with the IE7 settings I mentioned.  What I saw was a log-in (user name and password), which I did not pursue.
Did you get any message that the Certificate was invalid?  You usually are given the option to click and proceed to enter the site anyway.
ktdancoffAuthor Commented:
Yes, I can get to the page from anywhere outside of our network, ( ie. home PC, phone, etc) but not by using our network.

I am familiar with the option that IE give you to continue to an "untrusted site" bu that does not come up.  There are no error messages when using IE. When using firefox, a message comes up stating that firefox can not verify the identity of as a trusted site.
ktdancoff--I think you are narrowing the problem to your network.  Unfortunately that is outside my scope of knowledge.
ktdancoffAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your ideas and time.
ktdancoff, do you have a firewall or router blocking certain type of websites?  Do you have a Group Policy blocking HTTPS sites?
ktdancoffAuthor Commented:
We use a proxy server that does block certain sites, but this site has been put in the white list so it should not be affecteed.

We do use group policy settings, but other secure sites work fine, just not this particular one.

But again, the page comes up in Firefox ok, so neither of those should be the problem.

Sorry for the delayed responce, I was out of the office for a while.
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