what is the differance between the different type of SSL certificates availble

i have been trying to work this out for a while but really dont understand what the differance between a low cost SSL and some of the more expensive ones is.

like geo trust have their Quick SSL
SSL premium
True business ID
and lots more

the pricing can vary from $10 upwards why??
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PowerITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The difference is not in the certificate itself, but in the processes and services around it:
- The validation and verification process can be verify diferent and have a different value, e.g. a telephone verification process is cheaper but has less value (because it is easier to spoof) then the more rigid procedures.
- The given warranties differ.
- With or without the ability to show site seals (with or without company logo) makes a difference in price.
- Possibility to have multi year certificates, compared to yearly renewal.
- AICPA compliance or not (http://infotech.aicpa.org/Resources/System+Security+and+Reliability/System+Reliability/Trust+Services/)
- ...

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