Exchange Server 2007: Migrating Mail Flow and want to send mail to both mailboxes in different Exchange Organizations

The background is that I am working with a new company that will be doing a complete migration to new separate domain. We will be reimaging all the workstations as well and will be accomplishing this in phases. We need the users on either of these separate "networks" to recieved incoming smtp mail.

We need essentially a smtp relay "Y - mail splitter" that will run as a service/application and will copy/forward all received email traffic to TWO separate  specified SMTP servers.

They will have the same FQDN, and both exchange organizations will be responsbile for the routing and local delivery.

Do we know of any 3rd party or opensource applications that will do this? Any solution would help. Thank you in advance.

-----Source Domain-----
Domain Name:
Messaging Server: Exchange Server 2003
Authoritive SMTP Address:

-----Target Domain-----
Domain Name:
Messaging Server: Exchange Server 2007 SP1
Authoritive SMTP Address:
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peakpeakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How do you set up two domains with the same FQDN in DNS?
Juan_GiustiAuthor Commented:
Quest has a product called Quest Migration Manager for Exchange that can be used for our solution.
Thanks for the points but did it answer your question?
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