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Transfer Treo voicemail to PC over USB?

I have:
Palm Treo 700w
Windows Mobile 5
Windows Vista
USB sync cable
Carrier: USA: Verizon Wireless

I want to record some of my voicemail messages off of my phone to my computer.

Here's some ways I can think of that might work but cost money:
1. Connect an audio cable from my Treo headphone jack to the PC mic jack.
2. Subscribe to Skype, Yahoo phone, etc. and call my voicemail from my PC
3. Get a modem and connect it to my land line and dial my voicemail?

Is there a way to do this without having to buy something or subscirbe somewhere?

1. If my Treo is connected with the USB sync cable to my PC, is there a way to play the voicemail through my PC so I can record it?
2. Can I record the voicemail on my Treo and then transfer the file to my PC (I thought I saw some software for this a while back...)?
3. Is there a free service to email voice messages to myself?
4. Holding the Treo's tiny speaker up to my PC headset mic and recording would be too poor quality
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1 Solution
The treo has a headphone jack on the bottom. Get an audio cable that can go from the headphone jack to the line in on your computer, then record in sound recorder. Remember to set the recording source in your sound settings to be line in.

Only thing you need is an audio cable with male stereo plugs on both ends, and probably a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter since the headphone jack on the treo is small. Hopefully you still have it from when you bought the treo ;)
Alternatively, in windows mobile, there's a (very stupid) way of recording a phone call.

-Turn on your speaker phone
-Select Notes
-Go to Menu>Add Memo>View Recording Toolbar.
-Press the record button.

It should record as a WAV file.
A free call recorder for Windows Mobile 5:
There are probably others too.

To actually answer the questions you suggested:

1. That's similar to what I suggested. Just go to the line in on your PC, not the mic. Mic input is only suitable for microphones.

2. You *could* do this. Or use any other voip service, but it is a waste.

3. Again, you could do this, if yo ucomputer happens to have a modem, you can try dialing out using the windows phone dialer, and see if yo ucan hear the audio on the other side come through your main speakers. If you can, you might be able to record it using sound recorder. That'll only work if your sound card is full duplex, but most of the good ones are these days. Again, in this case maek sure your recording source is correct in your sound options.


1. No. The usb sync cable uses tcp/ip to transfer data. Voice doesn't come through.
2. Yes you can do this. See comments above.
3. No service exists like this to my knowledge.
4. I agree. Maybe the speakerphone would be better, but still pretty awful. Do it a more direct way. Phone line quality is bad enough as is.
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HighTechGeekAuthor Commented:
Brilliant, Frosty555!

I was able to:
1. Dial voicemail and turn on speakerphone
2. Press 1 to playback the messages
3. Open Notes on the Treo
4. Select New - it creates a new note called Voicemail with the current time and date stamp (kind of useless for an old voicemail, but cool for recording a live call!)
5. Click Menu/View Recording toolbar
6. Click Record

Remaining issues:
1. I have to work fast, because I can't open notes before calling because I can't task switch on the phone - at least not fast enough... do you know a way?
2. I can't "press 5 for more info" or in any way control the voice mail playback because I have to close Notes to get back to the phone and the recording stops (even though Notes is actually still running in the background). Is there an easy way to task switch between Notes and phone without stopping the recording?
3. It creates a *.PWI file and I can sync it with Outlook Notes and play it back in outlook through the Outlook Notes part, but I can't seem to copy the audio piece out or save it as an audio file (WAV, MP3, etc.). How can I extract the audio from the Note? I can play it now, which is a huge plus, but only within Outlook Notes.

So far this looks very promising. I'll check out the other suggestions to see if I can get an audio file as an end result...
HighTechGeekAuthor Commented:
Making progress...

Instead of creating a new note, I just go to Notes and tap menu and choose "View Recording Toolbar". The record toolbar shows up without opening a new note and pressing record and then stop creates a sound file. I haven't looked to see what type yet, but I am assuming it's an audio only format.

I also now see why you say it's a stupid way...

It records not only the playback, but all external noises too. I guess this is great for recording a 2-way phone call, but not so good to transfer the cleanest audio from a voice message.

I will keep testing...

Any input on how to task switch between the phone and notes application without ending the recording?
HighTechGeekAuthor Commented:
it creates a *.wav file, but it contains a lot of hiss and picks up all the ambient noise.

very cool to record a live conversation... i had no idea! :-)
Yeah it's nice for recording a live conversaion - I wish I could have it go automatically though! That would make it more useful for me.

One thing you can do is configure your voicemail as a speed dial entry on the today screen. In the speed dial options, you can specify "Extra digits to dial automatically". Use commas to specify one second pauses.

Using that, you can have it pause for several seconds and slowly dial your pin number and other information you need, while you switch to notes and start recording.

I believe there is a "mute" feature on the phone while a call is in progress. If you turn that on, maybe you won't get the ambient noise.
HighTechGeekAuthor Commented:
Using the Mute button allowed me to record voice mails without the background noise. Awesome, thanks! Sorry I didn't close this sooner.
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