Veritas, Backup Exec, 9.1 rev4691, Dell, Tandberg 400, powervault 110

My DLT tape drive failed and we HAD to upgrade to an LTO Dell Powervault 110 (Tandberg 400) tape drive. When i start any kind of job inventory, test, backup i am prompted to insert overwritable media. The tapes are brand new, but i cant get around this error. Backups worked fine prior to DLT failure. Only thing changed is new tape and drive. I have searched all over symantec, but have not found something definite to resolve this. The drive is being identified correctly in BE and Windows. What am i doing wrong or what havent i done yet?

Windows 2000 server latest sp, Dell poweredge 1600sc
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akirholConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is the old DLT drive still present in Devices? Try deleting it if so... make sure your jobs are pointing at the right device. To completely disable overwrite protection, you can go to Tools -> Options -> Media Management and set the Overwrite protection scheme to None and uncheck the "Prompt..." box. If it's a matter of media being overwrite protected because of where it's being allocated, that will step around it.
Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
Silly question, but you have added all of your new media to a media set and set the overwrite/append protection to the right amount?

Once you add a new tape to the system and assigned it to a media set, it will take that protection period, so for us, any new tape added will be protected for a month. We then just move them over to scratch and they will be taken for the backup job. From then on they are in the schedule and will come out of their protection in time for their next use.
prodriguez2Author Commented:
Anyone know if i can use this new drive with BE 9.1? Anyone use this drive with the same setup as i?


Old drive is not present, jobs are pointing at the right devic, OW protection are disabled, and prompt is unchecked.

Do i have to introduce new media somehow in BE to overcome this issue or upgrade? Everything else points to upgrading versions. We used DLT media before now i have LTO tape.
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akirholConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm fairly certain that BUE 9.1 supports the LTO-2-L drives... the fact that you even see it as an accessible device supports that. The only time I see prompts for overwritable media is when a job is already running... at this point, I'd suggest a complete removal and reinstallation of Backup Exec, let it get a good clean start and see how it works out.

If you want to give BUE 12 a shot, you can download it from Symantec's site and try it free for 30 days I believe, though it may be 60.
prodriguez2Author Commented:
I purchased bkp exec 12 for winders. I was then able to WORK with SYMANTEC on the issue and they resolved the prob for me.

I didnt have the most current VERITAS tape drivers for my TANDBERG 400. They helped me download and install the current drivers and i was able to run jobs. DOH!!!

Prior to purchasing support and the new version i did skim by an article on symantec's site for troubleshooting and one of the article's did suggest applying the most current drivers as one of the steps to debugging, but i could never access the page.

Anyways, i am still using 9.1 with sp5 and working fine. Thanks for the extra help everyone!!
prodriguez2Author Commented:

I did apply your suggestions, but it did not work in my case, possibly b/c of the incorrect drivers. Your solution may help others if perhaps they have the right drivers. Regardless i appreciate your help!!!
Of course, the VERITAS drivers... I don't know how I overlooked that one, sorry I didn't have that answer for you earlier. That makes perfect sense though now that I think about it.
prodriguez2Author Commented:
i had Dell go over the setup of the drive too and to us everything looked green, but symantec went a step further. Veritas was reading the drive so i thot to look elsewhere, glad this is over!!!!
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