Difference between WWNN & WWPN

Can anyone explain me the difference between WWPN and WWNN?
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Duncan MeyersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A WWNN (World Wide Node Name) is physically burnt to a Fibre Channel device such as a FC HBA or storage array. The WWNs are administred by the IEEE in much the same way as a MAC address is - the first few octets are assigned to a manufacturer, the rest is arbitrary. The WWPN (World Wide Port Name) is generated from the WWNN by the Fibre Channel fabric when the device logs into the fabric. Generally, it is usually set by changing one bit in the manufacturer's section of the WWNN. For example, a QLogic HBA WWNN starts with 20:00:... The asssigned WWPN is 21:00:...

This is the best overview of Fibre Channel out there - and it's by the guys who invented the protocol (CERN is the European Centre for Nuclear Research):

http://hsi.web.cern.ch/HSI/fcs/fcs.html and
http://hsi.web.cern.ch/HSI/fcs/spec.htm and
Kumar_NachiketaAuthor Commented:
Thnaks for the solution.
Duncan MeyersCommented:
Thanks! Glad I could help.
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