How can I fix "blue wash" on video played in iTunes

I bought a TV series from the Apply iTunes Store episode by episode and all was well until the 10th episode of Series 4 of LOST.  This particular download played with a "blue wash" - the video is there, the sound is fine, but it looks like I'm watching the video through a blue/grey filter  - sort of blue, black & white.  I queried this with iTunes and they reset to allow me to download again, but the result was the same.  It is an issue with particular files - as I can still play all the other episodes in perfect colour.  iTunes gave me a refund unable to offer another file.
Today I ripped a DVD to play on my iPod and when I played it in iTunes it had exactly the same problem.  But when I played it in Real Player the colour was perfect.  So now I'm wondering if there is a settings problem for some video formats in iTunes.
I attach two screen shots from the DVD I ripped that show the problem - they are of almost the same frame of video but the colouring is completely different.  First one is the view in iTunes and the second the view in Real Player.

Can anyone suggest how to tweak iTunes to display the colour properly?
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oh dear what to try next.
Apple Quicktime 7.5.
These DVD did you burn them from within Itunes?
Or from your burner?
ok my line of thinking
if Apple refunded your money it may have removed some rights to these.< guessing
but that's based on their solution
here in the NOTE:
We covered the others already with gspot
try this one
Troubleshooting iTunes for Windows Vista video playback performance issues

Alternative is not use Itunes for these particular videos
try installing these media players so you can get more codecs, I dont like offering too many codecs since Vista has them all bar divx, but as this Vista home premium it may be missing some
Divx player
Media player classic
Just make sure they are not your default players
but if that doesnt help then you may more problems just with QT and Itunes.
I have seen in the past problems with QT and itunes in Vista.
If memory serves me  the work around was to try and install QT without Itunes first then install Itunes
but since your problem is only with a couple of these videos it's likely just a codec issue
Hi hedgert, at this point I don't have any suggestions, so lets take a look at this particular video file itself and find out what makes it tick
Please drop it onto Gspot
let it analyse it
then look down to the bottom below proposed codec solutions and tests,
click on V1 take a look at the results then
click on V2 take a look at those results
then V3
Youmayneed some codecs
I'd start with installing ffdshow
FFDSHOW is a DirectShow decoding filter for decompressing several video formats, including DivX, XviD, WMV, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 movies.
then run it again

Look forward to hearing from you

Ok you may need the link for Gspot apologies i missed that,
 the first gives you a look at Gspot interface
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hedgertAuthor Commented:
Merete thanks for looking at this.
I have a fairly wide range of codecs installed but not ffdshow.  I installed it but it hasn't made any difference.
In GSPOT only the 1 series of buttons were enabled - when I clicked V1 GSpot reported it's not yet capable of attempting to render this video type and recommended trying MS A/V1.   Tried that and got a rendering failure: "following is the error reported by DirectShow 0x8007007e: [unknown]"
V2, V3 not available as options.

Same behaviour from GSpot both before and after installing ffdshow (and same difference between RealPlayer full colour and iTunes/QuickTime with the blue wash)

The information GSpot did report was: MP4 Base Media v1.  Audio MPEG-4 AAC.  Codec avc1 Codec Status Undetermined.

The original episode I downloaded from Apple gave some similar some different behaviour:
Again only the 1 buttons enabled and same behaviour from V1 and MS A/V1.
Codec drmi again Status Undetermined.  This time MP4 Apple iTunes Video format mp42: MP4 vs.

Any other thoughts?
Hi hedgert,
Are you running Vista? or XP?
According to Itunes grey and white image is part of the DRM they have inplace.
When you have purchased a video from the iTunes Store, any computer playing back the video requires QuickTime 7.1.3 or later and you must authorize that computer for your iTunes account.

To authorize a computer to play purchases using your Apple Account
Select a song, video, or audiobook you've purchased (in your library or the Purchased playlist).
Click the Play button.
If the computer is already authorized, the item plays. If the computer has not yet been authorized, iTunes asks you to enter the Apple ID and password you used to purchase the song.

In other words using the DVD open iTunes and import them.
Import any iTunes video by opening iTunes and import

hedgertAuthor Commented:
I'm running Vista Home Premium, Apple Quicktime 7.5.
I don't think it can be an Apply authorisation problem.  The original LOST episode was bought through the iTunes store and all the other episodes (bought in the same way) play with full colour in iTunes.  The problem episode plays with theblue wash both in iTunes/Quicktime and Real Player.  The video I've ripped myself from my own DVD (nothing to do with Apple Store at all) plays in colour in RP but not full colour in QuickTime.

I tried authorising the computer I'm using (seems odd to me that it wasn't already authorised given it's where I set up my Apple Store account and did my downloads and played them through iTunes) and alas it didn't make any difference.  [original LOST episode blue washed in QuickTime and Real Player, my own ripped video is full colour in Real Player and blue washed in QuickTime).  I tried importing my ripped video into iTunes and that didn't help either.
hedgertAuthor Commented:
I'll work through your suggestions - but initial feedback: I have DivX, VideoLAN, Media Player Classic and the Vista Codec pack (reinstalled the latest version this morning to see if that made a difference) but it didn't.
Just to clear on the other DVD (the one the screen shots came from) this is a commercial DVD (that I own).  I have used various different software to rip it and convert it into MP4.  This morning following a Google I found AutoGK and tried to covert it from that - this produces AVI and DivX and interestingly it has the same problem but with all players including Real Player (RP, GOMPlayer, VideoLAN) I get the colour problem.  QT won't play it at all.

I used DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD then I've tried both AutoGK (as above) and QuickMediaConverter to turn it into a playable file.  I did wonder if the original ripped file was already colour corrupted, but it isn't I can play the ripped file (as a VOB) with Real Player in correct colour.

My feeling is that it must be a new video format.  All the other LOST episodes from Apple were fine before this one, GSpot says it doesn't understand it.  But I'm not sure when I rip my own DVD (which is old - copyright 2004) I get the same issue.

I'll check out the QuickTime support page and come back on that.
hedgertAuthor Commented:
QuickTime support page was the answer in your second suggested link above.  It suggested turning off Direct3D Video Acceleration in the QuickTime Advanced options.  I did this and now both the Apple Store supplied LOST episode and my ripped DVD converted to MP4 play in perfect colour in QuickTime/iTunes.

Thank you.
hedgertAuthor Commented:
I think I mucked up putting the points on - I think I put them against my comment rather than yours - did you get them?
Hi hedgert, yes I received them now, I couldn't respond as you had chosen to close the question
We are not allowed to comment when you make a request to close as that stops the automated request.
The right proceedure would have been to click accept over my comment you felt had the solution.
I am so pleased we found a solution I had almost givenup.
I'll save this solution to my knowledgbase.
Great news thanks so much
All the Best
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