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I Can't get my Internet to download with the proper (5M) posted speed


Running XP SP3, Linksys Router WRT54GS, and Embarq modem.  I used to get speeds in the 600-660kbps range, but now after reinstalling XP, am only getting 100-120kbps.  I've tried everything... resetting the modem, resetting the router, etc
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What type of circuit is it? DSL? Cable?

Note that your ISP doesn't garrantee any minimum speed. What they advertise is bull. Those are theoretical speeds, you'll never see it. Also be aware that what is advertised is download speed only, the upload speed can be dramatically lower.

Run the speed test at www.speakeasy.net and see what you get.
tranceman0625Author Commented:
I have DSL connection, just ran the speakeasy test, and here are the results:

1161kbps  download
324kbps upload
That's not bad for your basic DSL circuit.

Remember that your download speeds for different web sites may be different. It depends on the bandwidth available at the web site too.

For example, if a web site has 50Mbs bandwidth available to them and 100 people are downloading, well you can do the math.
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