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Dynamic DNS on Cisco 871W

I have a Cisco 871 router that I have defined a dynamic dns method for the fastethernet4 interface but I cannot get it to update.  My IOS is 12.4(4)T8 and I am using SDM 2.4

Can someone explain how often it is supposed to update and how you change those settings?

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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
According to the linked document:

"Associated with each update method is a value specifying the maximum number of seconds between updates. If left unspecified, then the update is performed only when the address is changed."


Below is a working example from my 871W
The interval maximum might want to be reduced just for testing. Updating too much will get your account suspended.

interval maximum days hours minutes seconds
Configures a maximum update interval. The arguments are as follows:
"daysRange is from 0 to 365.
"hoursRange is from 0 to 23.
"minutesRange is from 0 to 59.
"secondsRange is from 0 to 59.  

ip ddns update method dyndns
  add http://user:password@members.dyndns.org/nic/update?hostname=<h>&myip=<a>
 interval maximum 28 0 0 0
interface FastEthernet 4
 ip ddns update hostname DYNDNSHOSTNAME
 ip ddns update dyndns

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