Why does my machine not boot from windows xp,windows 2003,windows vista.But only boot from win 2008.


Why does my machine not boot from windows xp,windows 2003,windows vista.But only boot from win 2008.
Only able to boot from win 2008
I deleted all the partitions on my laptop with fdisk and created 1 primary partition and 1 extended partition.

Is there any specific reason for this...
the cd's are bootable cd's i am sure and the laptop has the cdd as the primary boot device.
win 2008 is booting fine.

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jhyieslaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I suppose that if the laptop was distributed with a Vista CD, it's possible that HP has done something in the BIOS to make it so that no other OS can be loaded...but that seems unlikely and it doesn't explain why only 2008 then will boot since Vista is a currently shipping OS as well.

I am at a loss as are you. It's obvious that the disks work since you have used them in the past. It's obvious that the drive works since you have loaded in 2008 and checked the other disks, which also eliminates any compatibility issues between the disks and the drive.

No you shouldn't have to use a smartstart disk or something similar to boot XP CD.

Try this...boot from the XP CD and as soon as the laptop posts start hitting the ENTER key.  Many systems will display a message to "Hit any key to boot from CD".  Perhaps you laptop for some reason just isn't displaying that message and since you aren't hitting a key, it just boots to the OS.

If that doesn't work...and you may want to try a couple of time to make sure you aren't missing it, I think your next option is a call to HP.
The only thing that I can think of right off is that the other CDs really aren't bootable.  Or they aren't "real" Windows CD's.  Have you tried booting them in another computer?
bsharathAuthor Commented:
Yes they are working on other machines...I checked them ....
I am trying to do this on my Hp laptop....I need to install windows Xp and am not able to do so...
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Are the disks CDs or DVDs?

Can you install an OS on your machine and then see if Windows can read the disks.  I am wondering if there is some basic incompatibility between the disks and the drive. Yeah, I know it doesn't make a lot of sense, but if you have a known working drive and known working disks at the time of boot, there really isn't anything on the machine that is smart enough to be looking for anything other than some basic incompatibility.
bsharathAuthor Commented:
I have installed windows 2008 by booting and then have checked eac disk from within the OS and all are visible and auhtorun automatically also.
I have even used the Vista bussiness from within the Windows 2008 and installed Vista on a different drive.

Now i have both these OS... But my main issue is iwant to install Win Xp
But from with these 2 OS the win xp does not allow me to upgrade or install on another drive... :-((
When you try and boot from the XP disk what happens...what error messages or anything do you see on your display?

What does the disk say on the front?  Did you buy it as an OEM version or is it a part of a Technet or MSDN kit?
bsharathAuthor Commented:
When i boot from the cd it just goes into the installed OS...No errors.
Before i have any OS it said
" No operating system found"
And just to check what you said earlier

"Yes they are working on other machines...I checked them ."

Did you actually try and boot them on another machine or just see if the disks could be read from within Windows?
bsharathAuthor Commented:
I have been using the same set of cd's at home for say 6 months and have used them say more than 10 times each on all my 6 desktops.
This is my new laptop HP. which i wanted to resize the c drive. So deleted all partions with fdisk and recreated them again.
After which i have this problem...
Should i be using some cd provided by Hp to first boot and then  use the windows cd as we use for server installation ?
I lost the cd's though to try :-(
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