asa 5505 ip address/subnet confilct warning

I set my inside interface to the address of (this was preconfigured on the old firewall).  When creating the nat (inside) 1 rule I originally entered '1' at the end of  After I entered in the rule it gave me a warning stating that the IP address and the subnet has a conflit...  Now when I do a 'show run'  I see 'nat (inside) 1'.  The '1' was replaced with a '0'.  Will this still work?  I know why it did this, however, I'm trying to void re addressing the site...  
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a .1 is invlaid with a subnet -

the Nat command is looking for the network address of the subnet specified i.e. vs

it will still work - and the nat command will NAT all traffic int eh /24 subnet.

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gopher_49Author Commented:
great.  I'll test later this after noon.  I'll get back with you shortly.
Naughton is correct, When using the Nat command you need to specify the subnet you want to nat rather than a specific IP.

The following is the correct statement for your listed config.

nat (inside) 1
hey gopher_49

how'd you go?
Any luck?
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